Fake Raspberry Ultra Drops Website www .Rasptea. com

Date: August 05, 2013 12:38 PM - Views: 29,798 - Comments: 11
Fake Raspberry Ultra Drops Website www .Rasptea. com

The website www.Rasptea .com is another fake offering to sell the product Raspberry Ultra Weight Drops. The product "Raspberry Ultra Drops" is in demand and scammers are setting up fake websites claiming to sell this product in order to steal their potential victims’ credit card and personal information. Please do not order anything from these websites, unless you want your credit card information stolen.

If the messages below appear on your Facebook Wall, Facebook Timeline, in Tweets (Twitter), in an email message or on other social networking websites, please do not follow the instructions or click on the links in it.

Fake Raspberry Ultra Drops Website www.Rasptea .com Messages:

I lost like 18 pounds in a few weeks by taking these tasty rasp berry drops that a friend showed me. Im very excited at how well this actually worked. You should take a look. Type in this website in your browser without any spaces———–> www .RaspTea. com
www .XRasp. com, www.elfxnws .com

Yess visitt “Rasptea. com” I shed 13 pounnds in 2weeks


The message or website name may change, so be careful when buying this product online. The website name www.Rasptea .comis one of the hundreds of website names these scammers are using.

For more information about this scam, you can visit the following links:

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  • Anonymous: 3 months, 0 week ago from: Stuart, Florida, United States

    Which retailer carries these products? ~

    • info: 3 months, 0 week ago

      www.gnc.com ~

  • info: 5 months, 1 week ago

    Here is another message you may see on Facebook:

    I have the best news , Im 16 pounds lighter :D For the past month I have lost so much while using these drops I saw on TV :D I got them from this website, Tyypppee in wiitthhouut sspaaccesss->www .XRasp. C0M ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 25, 2014 from: Rolling Meadows, Illinois, United States

    How do they get into your facebook? ~

    • info: Jan 27, 2014

      They use fake or phishing Facebook websites to trick Facebook users into sending them their user names and password. Also, they use malicious Facebook applications, which trick users into giving them access to their accounts. ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 17, 2014 from: Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States

    This is a scam scam scam. ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 17, 2014 from: Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States

    This is a scam. Do not continue. I repeat this is a scam scam scam scam. ~

  • Anonymous: Aug 22, 2013 from: Ashburn, Virginia, United States

    thanks ~

  • Anonymous: Aug 7, 2013 from: Harvey, Illinois, United States

    What store to find the rasptea drops at.???? ~

    • Anonymous: Feb 10, 2014 from: Basseterre, Saint George Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis

      It can be found either at walmart or kmart. ~

    • info: Jan 17, 2014

      Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you which specific store to buy this product from. But, what we recommend that you do is to buy from a reputable store that has been around a very long time and ask your family and friends for advice before purchasing. ~

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