Tom Crist the Canadian CEO Who Won 40 Million - Donation Lottery Scams

Date: January 13, 2014 7:09 PM - Views: 10,741 - Comments: 25
Tom Crist the Canadian CEO Who Won 40 Million - Donation Lottery Scams

Tom Crist, the retired Canadian CEO from Calgary, Alberta, who won the $40 million staggering lottery prize and decided to give it all away to charity following the death of his wife, who lost her battle to cancer, name is now used as bait by lottery scammers. Lottery scammers have been sending fake email messages claiming to be sent from Tom Crist, to trick their potential victims into sending their personal, financial information and money to them. The email messages are lottery scams and were not sent by Mr. Tom Crist.

The email claims that Tom Crist has received the recipients' email addresses that were submitted by Google and Facebook, and he will send them $1,200,000 USD. But, in order for the recipients to receive the money, they must submit their full name, age, phone number, address and country.

The “Tom Crist Canadian Man Who 40 Million Donation” Lottery Scam Emails

Subject: Your EMAIL Was Submitted To Me By Google To Receive $1.2 Million Donation From Me

Congratulations! I am Tom Crist, the Canadian CEO who won $40 million in the Calgary Canada Lotto, & i am writing to inform you that Google in alliance with Microsoft submitted your "Email" upon my request to receive a Cheque/Check for $1.2 million from me, after I decided to donate my entire winnings in honour of my late wife, Jan, she died of cancer two years ago. I have already donated $1.2 million to the Alberta Cancer Foundation, which collects donations for Calgary's Tom Baker Cancer Centre, where Jan was treated before her death. Send me your *Full-Names, *Age:, *Tel:, & *Country, and a valid Cheque will be issued to you.....See links below for more proof/details;

Mr. Tom Crist

Subject: Charity Donation Funds.

Tom Crist, the Canadian man that won a $40 million Canadian dollar lottery prize is writing to inform you that Google in alliance with Facebook have submitted your Email-Address to receive $1,200,000.00 USD from me, as I have decided to give all my winnings away to charity, individuals and organisations. For claims, send me your *Full-Names, *Age, *Phone-Number, *Address and *Country. my recent donations on link below;

Best Regards,
Mr. Tom Crist -(Canadian Lottery winner)

Remember, these emails are lottery scams and Google and Facebook did not send Tom Crist your email address for a chance to receive $1,200,000. These fake mail messages were created by scammers to trick gullible persons into sending their personal and financial information in order to use it to trick them into sending money for the prizes they think they will receive.

Do not send your money, personal and financial information, unless you want to be scammed. Never send money to someone who claims that you have won some prize and that you need to send money in order to claim it. This is usually the first sign that someone is attempting to scam you.

Tom Crist said he will only donate the $40 million lottery prize money to the Calgary’s Tom Baker Cancer Center that helped treated his late wife and other charities.

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  • Anonymous: 5 months, 2 weeks ago from: Anniston, Alabama, United States

    I got one of these today. You can always tell the scams because they can barely spell. They leave off "s's", they leave out sentence structure necessities. It's obvious that they have no mastery of the language. ~

  • Anonymous: 5 months, 2 weeks ago from: Parkersburg, West Virginia, United States

    Here is the latest version of the scam in the U.S. Looks legitimate....the scammers are getting more professional. Beware! The graphics/logos didn't paste...but trust me, the email looks very convincing:

    --- --- ---
    Piraeus Bank Ukraine
    Head Office address of Piraeus Bank ICB: 2 Illinska Str, block 7, city of Kyiv, Ukraine, 04070

    Office Hours.: Monday - Friday 08:30am to 06:00pm. Saturday Left-and-right arrow Office Hours.: 10:00am to 04:00pm
    Tel.: 380636223260

    You are receiving this email correspondence from CPA. Fred Pablo Chief Accounting Officer ~

  • Anonymous: 5 months, 4 weeks ago from: Winter Haven, Florida, United States

    Gosh! They make these look so real! I didn't even notice the typo's in the e-mail until I pasted it below. Had I noticed them first, I wouldn't have even done any research on this but now if this helps one person, it is worth it. I've pasted the text of the e-mail below the "From" and "To." The heading of this e-mail I received this morning was:
    --- ---

    Tom Crist Funds Donation Program
    From: TOM CRIST,
    To: Recipients

    After the lose of my lovely wife Janice Crist To Breast cancer I decided to donate all of my Winnings To charity and Breast Cancer Research ,as we all know breast Cancer is diagnosed in 1 in 8 women around the world and 60% of this affected person might lose the battle to this deadly disease thats why I demonstrated My commitment towards giving by issuing a check for $1.2million to the Tom Baker Cancer Center where Janice Crist was treated before her death. find proof below; ~

  • Anonymous: 6 months, 0 week ago from: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

    I received a text this morning from someone with the name of jerygrery@gmail .com who wrote that "Tom Crist has selected you (me) in his two million dollars donations. Get back to your email for more info." Well, I knew it was a scam from the beginning and didn't bite, and the message he was talking about was not in my email unless my fire and spam guard got it first. I have had people try these kind of things on me before, even sending me a phony check which I turned over to the bank. Money doesn't fall from the sky, only God's blessings. ~

  • Anonymous: 6 months, 0 week ago from: Manteca, California, United States

    I just hate those scams. As a breast cancer survivor I almost fell for it, however I am not stupid so I looked further into it and yes it is a big scam. Thanks for your article. Candy ~

  • Anonymous: 6 months, 1 week ago from: Englewood, Florida, United States

    I just received an email exactly like that :( ~

  • Anonymous: 6 months, 1 week ago from: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States

    Just received a scam email in the US this morning, Horrible people attempt ugly things for financial gains. I am very sorry for Mr. Crist's and his families loss

    Cancer is a vicious beast! My family has been claimed and scared as well. Your donating to a wonderful cause. I wish you many blessings and a long life sir.

    Tammie ~

  • Anonymous: 7 months, 2 weeks ago from: Kenya

    For a Man, Tom Crist out to help God's people Universally, who are you and why try to turn such a holy-activity into a scam?

    Tom, ‘CHOOSE WHOM TO SERVE; As for my family and I, we shall serve the Living Lord!’ - Joshua 24:15.
    KENYA ~

  • Anonymous: 8 months, 3 weeks ago from: Mexico, Distrito Federal, Mexico

    Here is another scam:

    a mI me llego este I am Tom Crist retired CEO of EECOL Electric and winner of $40 million in the Calgary Lotto who made a donation to you. Contact me with name, address, age, phone number and occupation via private email. View link for more info; http://www.cbc .ca/video/news/ audioplayer.html ?clipid=2424885304 ~

  • Anonymous: 9 months, 2 weeks ago from: Suches, Georgia, United States

    Here is another version of the scam:
    You are receiving this email from the Media Assistant of Mr. Tom Crist, the
    Canadian CEO that won the Calgary Canada Lotto and wishes to donate hisentire winnings in honour of his late wife, Jan, who died of cancer two years ago. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 27, 2014 from: Houston, Texas, United States

    Simply put, if anyone is gullible enough to think a complete stranger wants to send them $1.2 million in exchange for their personal information, then I have some great ocean view property for sale in the Outback of Australia! ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 27, 2014 from: Long Beach, New York, United States

    I received one this morning. I assumed right off it was a scam though the video to CNN was a nice touch. My only concern is how did they get my email address to use to try and scam me? If I could find out I'd sue the people that leaked it. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 15, 2014 from: New York, New York, United States

    As of today, March 15, 2014, these same emails above are still circulating and making the rounds on Yahoo. I received one in my yahoo email box. Please note, "Tom Crist, said he will only donate the $40 million lottery prize money to the Calgary’s Tom Baker Cancer Center that helped treated his late wife and other charities.'

    Watch out for the SCAMMERS.
    This is what my email stated:
    Congratulations! I am Tom Crist, the Canadian CEO who won $40 million in
    the Calgary Canada Lotto, this is to inform you that Google in alliance
    with Facebook have submitted your Email-Address to received a
    $2,000,000.00(Two Million United States Dollars) donation from me. I have
    decided to donate my entire winnings in honor of my late wife, Jan, she
    died of cancer two years ago. Many Donations have gone to Several Cancer
    Foundations around the world. So please do make available *Full-Names,
    *Age, *Tell, *Country, *Occupation and a valid Cheque will be issued to

    Stay safe on the Internet, and never give out personal info. ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 23, 2014 from: Singapore, Singapore

    The scam I received:
    Once again, I am Tom Crist, president of the CRIST FOUNDATION established for charity purposes. Our primary objective is to promote the name of this foundation by disbursing my winnings to Good spirited individuals, Churches, Orphanages, Charities and to help improve the standard of living among the less privileged.

    Thank you for this website....i was saved. ~

  • info: Feb 21, 2014

    Scammers are sending out more of this scam. See below:

    Dear ,

    I am Mr. Tom Crist, a retired CEO that won $40 million in the Calgary Lotto Max. I am writing to notify you that Google submitted your "Email" upon my family's request to receive a Check for $1.2 million from me, after I decided to donate my entire winnings in honour of my late wife, Jan, who died of cancer 2 years ago

    I have already donated $1.2 million to the Tom Baker Cancer Center and I intend to continue giving, however, recipients of my donations are always advised to also donate to charities close to their hearts as I do not interfere on how you use your check/cheque.

    I intend to provide a straightforward, powerful, and a high personal approach to giving. My approach is simple - build a better world by making philanthropy easy. see info below; ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 20, 2014 from: Houston, Texas, United States

    Well I received the same email and thought it was true , since they attached the videos of Mr. Tom Crist. I was hoping to use the money to help my son friend who is 17 and battling Cancer and wanted to help with his medical Bill treatments. He is fighting his battle to Leukemia. He is at Houston Hospital .
    Damnn scammers they try to use other peoples good deeds to scam others!
    Well if they keep sending emails I will put them in their place .

    Loyal Heart ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 19, 2014 from: Tampa, Florida, United States

    Wow! I am glad I decided to look this up. I just received this email and thought my prayers had been answered. I am 5 classes short of earning my Bachelor's Degree but my financial aid has ran out (I didn't realize the school I chose cost so much) and I am being kicked out because I do not have the remaining 13K to finish. When I saw this email I thought finally something good is happening and I can finish school, be the first in my family to graduate college and move on to bigger and better things. The email sounded so legit with the scammers adding the CNN video, I actually thought (briefly) this may be true. Thanks for the heads up and I hope no one falls for this scam. Congratulations to Mr. Crist, what a wonderful man to donate money to charitable foundation.

    Micki ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 14, 2014 from: Bakersfield, California, United States

    Hi, I received a scam notice of being Tom Crist donation receiver of $550,000.00 and the catch turned out to be that I have to sign up for an offshore account at American Express Bank of Dubai. It meant, according to "Michael Phelps", "bank rep" for mr Crist, that I get to pay $440.00 asap to have a temprary account to recieve the gift funds. Too bad. not true. J Powers ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 22, 2014 from: Montréal, Québec, Canada

    I have received this fake email from Tom Crist. Since I have cancer and have a very difficult financial situation, I answered by giving the information requested: contact details (address, phone number and both my Email) and my age.
    Foolish me!!!
    Can someone answer this highly important question: Are all my personal information, user identification, passwords, bank account on Internet at risk to be exposed because I sent a message back?
    What do you mean by "someone is attempting to scam you"? What is the meaning of the word and the consequences of being scammed?

    I'm not fluent in English. My first language (mother tongue) is French. ~

    • info: Jan 22, 2014

      Your bank and other online accounts are not at risk if you didn't send them the usernames and passwords. But, these persons collect this information so that they can use it and sell it to other scammers. These scammers will call you and send emails to you, in an attempt to convince you to send money.

      Attempting to scam you means that the scammers are gathering information needed from you, which they will use to rip you off.

      Giving them your address, phone number, both email addresses and age is like arming or giving these scammers tools to help them rip you off. ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 17, 2014 from: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Another Lottery Scam email message:

    Ukrainian Prioririty Mail Express
    Krymshovsky St., 22, 01001,
    garry-butenko@ukrexpmail .org
    ( 380) 932826743.

    Dear Benificiary,
    Happy New Year! -You are receiving this email correspondence from Mr. Garry Butenko, Director of Logistics, Ukraine Priority Mail Express™ and this is in regards to your donation Check for $1,200,000.00 USD -One Million, Two Hundred Thousand that was donated to you by Tom Crist, Calgary's $40 million Lotto Winner and also the retired CEO of EECOL Electric who is giving away his entire lottery winnings in honour of his late wife. See Link Below;

    http://edition.cnn .com/ video/data/2.0/video/world /2013/12/18/dnt-ctv-network -lotto-winner.ctv-network.html

    Mr. Tom Crist have already donated $1.2 million to the Alberta Cancer Foundation, which collects donations for Calgary's Tom Baker Cancer Centre, where Jan, his late wife was treated before her death.
    ... ~

  • Anonymous: Jan 16, 2014 from: Mexico

    Be aware,

    I receive an email, offering me a check of $1.2 Millions,
    I just followed the game to investigate more...

    But the real thing is that nobody offers that amount of money as simple,
    I was encouraged to provide money in order to send me my 1.2 million, I stupid?

    Sorry, but please take care for those looking to take profit from a real good actions,

    If this helps, I receive directions to provide money to the contact below in order to process and send me my 1.2 million...

    I asked to send money to a contact in Unkraine to:
    Payment Service: Western union
    Pay to: Dana Edward
    Adress: Krymshovsky St., 22, Kyiv
    Country: Ukraine

    Of Cours I did not, hopefully this helps to prevent others be scammed.... ~

    • Anonymous: Feb 5, 2014 from: Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

      Thanks dear, really appreciate your kind and great information. You saved my life because I believed them. Now I'm clear. I have already sent my name, age, address and mobile number. Will that make any problem? ~

      • info: Feb 10, 2014

        Just be careful going forward, because these scammers will be calling you since they have your information. ~

      • Anonymous: Feb 9, 2014 from: Québec, Québec, Canada

        I did the same can it make any kind of trouble ~

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