Is the Website www.cashtasks .com Legitimate or a Scam?

Date: February 04, 2014 6:47 PM - Views: 70,075 - Comments: 104
Is the Website www.cashtasks .com Legitimate or a Scam?

The website www.cashtasks .com is a fake and a scam. This website claims it will pay you $1.00 for every advertisement you view and will payout when you reach the minimum payment of $1,000. But, after researching this website, we found out it is a scam.

The website www.cashtasks .com
The website www.cashtasks .com

On this website, the scammers try to convince persons that they have made payments by showing a fake PayPal proof of earning using the email address support

 fake PayPal proof of earning support

But, this email address is not registered with PayPal although the fake PayPal proof of earnings displayed on the website claims the email address was verified by PayPal.

PayPal Payment to support

Another issue with this website is that it doesn’t provide a secure connection for sensitive web pages like the sign-in and registration pages.

Legitimate websites use a secure connection (SSL) to protect the sensitive information (username, email, and password) sent from your computer to their websites. But, this website doesn’t have this installed.

A website with a secure connection web address starts with “https://” instead of “http://”, which is unsecured. This website secure connection should look like this: https://www.cashtasks .com.

Last, but not the least, this website has in its disclaimer that once you reach at least $1000, you can request to withdraw your earnings if you upgrade your account to a premium membership. See the disclaimer below and read it carefully.

The website www.Cashtasks .com disclaimer

Once your CashTasks account reaches at least $1,000 you can submit your request to withdraw your earnings if you have upgraded your membership to a premium membership. CashTasks will then review your withdrawal and if your account has not breached any of the terms of service then your payment will be added to our payout list and will be sent NET60(60 days after the end of the current month) to the Paypal email address of your choice. All earnings listed and or represented by CashTasks .com are estimated values not actual real money values and are subject to change with or without notice.

Tell me, why do you need to pay for membership in order to receive the money you have worked so hard to earn? This is like paying my boss every month in order for me to receive my salary.

Please remember this golden rule: if you are asked to pay money in order to receive money, it is a scam.

So, please do not waste your time on this website and others that claim you can make quick money doing little or nothing. Only scammers profit from these fake websites.

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  • Anonymous: 1 month, 0 week ago from: Ashburn, Virginia, United States

    I have made 1,670 dollars for click, but never going to receive it. ~

    • Anonymous: 3 weeks, 6 days ago from: United Kingdom

      I made 7,689 dollars but unable to receive any money. ~

  • Anonymous: 1 month, 2 weeks ago from: Cartersville, Georgia, United States

    ...and now it's gone...nice work in pointing out the Disclaimer... ~

  • Anonymous: 1 month, 3 weeks ago from: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

    Yes Cash Tasks is absolutely a scam... why, because I made $1300, but still no reply from them.

    Please don't waste your time with those sites. ~

  • Anonymous: 2 months, 1 week ago from: New Delhi, Delhi, India

    Anybody upgrade their account. Anyone received the money in their hands. Please tell me. ~

    • info: 2 months, 1 week ago

      The website is a scam. You will not receive any money, so do not waste your money and time on the fraudulent website. ~

      • Anonymous: 1 month, 3 weeks ago from: Cherokee, Iowa, United States

        I got up to $961 and now I cant get into my account with Cash tasks. ~

  • Anonymous: 3 months, 3 weeks ago from: Ireland

    Thanks for your info. I won't continue now using the website. ~

  • Anonymous: 6 months, 1 week ago from: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    You deserve many heartfelt thanks . I wish your effort saves many others like me . ~

  • Anonymous: 6 months, 1 week ago from: Clifton, Sindh, Pakistan

    Why are the fake websites not restricted by the government please? ~

  • Anonymous: 6 months, 4 weeks ago from: Europe

    Thank you very much. I was just going to start that. but now you make me aware. ~

  • Anonymous: 6 months, 4 weeks ago from: Kollam, Kerala, India

    sir, I compleated the work of 1000$ about 4 months ago, but unfortunately I did not get the payment. What I have to do? ~

    • info: 6 months, 4 weeks ago

      There is nothing you can do. It is a scam. ~

  • Anonymous: 7 months, 3 weeks ago from: Tampa, Florida, United States

    Thank you so much for this post!! I was wondering if I should start with this website. Now I know. God bless you onlinethreatalerts. ~

  • Anonymous: 7 months, 4 weeks ago from: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

    thanks a lot! onlinethretalerts team for saving people's time n money. ~

  • Anonymous: 7 months, 4 weeks ago from: Bangladesh

    There is no doubt that this is totally scam site. It has just wasted my 5 months and also 30-45 minutes each day. Its promise is as like as built castle in the sky.

    I will request the authority to take a prompt action for the site owner. Because they will make fool everyone in the future. Cash task is Scam, unethical, imposter and ~

  • Anonymous: 8 months, 0 week ago from: Lobito, Benguela, Angola

    I totally agree with this article..too bad I didn't read it sooner..but how can this kind of site be reported so they don't fool anyone else again? ~

  • Anonymous: 8 months, 3 weeks ago from: Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain

    Another proof of scam is the 60 days rule for payment.

    Paypal provides you a money back insurance up to 60 days.

    Thats why many scammers set a TOS saying that they will pay in 60 days. Then when they do not cannot claim to Paypal your money back. ~

  • Anonymous: 8 months, 3 weeks ago from: Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    What I have to say on this subject, I have earned $1,010.20 at cashtask, but cannot withdraw because it is blocked. ~

  • Anonymous: 9 months, 2 weeks ago from: India

    smsincome .in website is real or fake? ~

  • Anonymous: 9 months, 2 weeks ago from: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

    Its shocking to here and see that how we innocent peoples are being cheated online by the companies like CASHTASK .COM ,and even the internet protocal and cybercrime interpole companies and agencies are not taking up these matters seriously.

    So where to go, whom to say and what to say when they can use the paypal site for fake authorisation then where are we safe on the net in any corner in the world even anyday.

    We can be robbed off our account like paypal. ~

  • Anonymous: 10 months, 1 week ago from: Ashburn, Virginia, United States

    thank you for saving my time towords big scam ~

  • Anonymous: 10 months, 1 week ago from: Hurst, Illinois, United States

    I feel, in fact I know this is a JOKE...Y?...cause at $1000 plus you request a payout and you must

    1. pay for a membership(wrong answer) and

    2. this EGO pay can't be used in the U.S. so therefore, you got it, there is no upgrade so you still can't request payment for work done...paying to receive cash is not a free membership that states in the beginning all one has to do is click to view ads and get paid...

    Bull Sh*t on this better take note and listen.... ~

  • Anonymous: 10 months, 3 weeks ago from: Panama

    I tried to make the payment from ego pay but ego pay doesn't let me do it, since they have blocked the cashtasks account due to the fact they have complains about them. So please don't waste the time with this site its seem to be a real scam. ~

  • Anonymous: 11 months, 4 weeks ago from: Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

    What a big waste of my time, I already had $1294.80. =( ~

  • Anonymous: 11 months, 4 weeks ago from: Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay

    What a pity!!! I started recently with the ptc and cashtasks was one of the first, but was the first to register. When I started with other ptc, I tell that it was rare that both pay per clicks, but just as I followed.

    Then I learned that you had to pay membership to remove the famous 1000 dollars and as several people talked bad site, I looked for info until you get here.

    Well, I will continue in other ptc, I leave my ptc to see if they know if they are scams or not, and if you have any site to recommend, I thank them.

    I'm at Ojoo, libertagia, neodollar, neobux, kannst, surf4dollars, goldenclix, any is scam? ~

  • Anonymous: 11 months, 4 weeks ago from: Yarmouth, Maine, United States

    This site is a scam, you get to $1000.00 dollars and they will not allow you to cash out, nor will they allow you to become a member! ~

  • Anonymous: Apr 26, 2014 from: London, Ontario, Canada

    I tried Cash Tasks and was a premium member. I was told I would receive my payment in my PayPal account in sixty days from date of request into my PayPal account. It is 70 days now and NO PAYMENT. BIG SCAM. ~

  • Anonymous: Apr 15, 2014 from: Portugal

    I started doing clicks in cash tasks about 10 days, but after a search on the NET saw that I was being cheated. ~

  • Anonymous: Apr 11, 2014 from: Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil

    Hmm ... too bad I'm almost reaching $ 1,000, and thought it was a secure site ... but I decided to research just now, even if someone managed to get .... I was upset ... waste of time! ~

  • Anonymous: Apr 8, 2014 from: Little Ferry, New Jersey, United States

    How do these programs continue if they are scams? ~

    • info: Apr 8, 2014

      This is because it is hard to police the internet, which has no boundaries and the laws of one country doesn't apply to the other.

      And, once websites like these are taken down, the owners quickly create new websites with different names in the same or a different country and start the process again. ~

      • Anonymous: 9 months, 3 weeks ago from: South Africa

        What happens when you use https:// does it cut out scam website. ~

        • info: 9 months, 3 weeks ago

          No. A scamming website can still have the secure 'HTTPS://' connection. But, most of these scammers will not spend the money to install this type of security.

          Once you are on a registration, sign-in, check-out or any other page that collects sensitive information, the page website address should start with HTTPS://. ~

  • Anonymous: Apr 8, 2014 from: Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

    Cashtasks .com is a fake. I tried it till my amount reached 1011$ and when I clicked for cashout it showed its real colors.
    never ever try it , its a waste of time, and free labour for them. ~

    • Anonymous: Apr 17, 2014 from: Centerburg, Ohio, United States

      That sucks I been working this hoping it would be a good one. Thanks. ~

    • Anonymous: Apr 10, 2014 from: Makati, Manila, Philippines

      Yes, I got 1005 and they ask me to pay to get the money. ~

  • Anonymous: Apr 7, 2014 from: Brazil

    Wow.. all the information here was very important. I was looking for getting news about this site and now i know this is not reliable.

    Can you tell me if these sites are legitimate or not: http://www.aebux .info/
    http://www.awebux .co/
    http://www.bux1 .com/

    Thank you so much for your attention. ~

    • info: Apr 7, 2014

      We do not recommend using these websites because they cannot be trusted. The websites do not have SSL security, which is used to protect your information when it is sent from your computer to their websites.

      But, they still put padlocks icons on their login and registration pages. A padlocks icon in your browser address bar indicates that the webpage you are currently on is protected. ~

  • Anonymous: Apr 5, 2014 from: Brazil

    This site is a scam and Fake. After reaching 1000.00 does not draw anything. just fake, so do not waste your time clicking ads. This is a waste of time. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 31, 2014 from: Skopje, Karpos, Macedonia

    i got two more webpages that are scam

    this is the list:
    http://www.twodollarclick .com/
    http://www.buxelite .com/

    YOU ONLY waste time here. They build your account with 200 $ from the start and asking for money if you like to withdraw the money that you earned. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 31, 2014 from: India

    Is MyOnlineTask .com a scam website for click and earn? ~

    • info: Mar 31, 2014

      The website MyOnlineTask .com is a scam. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 21, 2014 from: Maharashtra, India

    My cashtask id v********** and password **********i1 and my earning is 1002 dollars but no payment to payal account. So please dont waste your time. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 21, 2014 from: Pakistan

    I am working with cashtasks .com from last 2 months and I have achieved the 1000$ minimum cashout requirement. But when I completed the required cashout limit then I got another message to upgrade as cashout is only for upgraded members. Which is totally a scam thing and it opens the dual face of this site that they are just using standard members as they tool and just raising their visitors and giving them nothing. Its just a wastage of time.

    So beware and stay away from this website as it will take your money and will give you nothing. Its a big scam guyz............................. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 19, 2014 from: Brandywine, West Virginia, United States

    Thanks for the notice. I started using and promoting this until someone pointed it out to me as a scam (not that I wasn't questioning a $1,000 threshold, anyway).

    These remarks are ridiculous, by the way:

    "Another issue with this website is that it doesn’t provide a secure connection for sensitive web pages like the sign-in and registration pages."

    Most websites don't.

    "Legitimate websites use a secure connection (SSL) to protect the sensitive information (username, email, and password) sent from your computer to their websites."

    No, legitimate websites do not. You're saying that millions of legitimate websites are not legitimate, just because they are not secure? Most legitimate websites are not secure. Many secured websites are not legitimate. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 17, 2014 from: Peru

    I was also victim cashtask and date have not seguire 203 dollars and more. ~

  • info: Mar 8, 2014

    I've been working tirelesily on this website for weeks and it struck me that I needed to check it out through a search engine. I came up with this inf. that many was not paid. what a shame , I think this site had great potential. there were two other things that alerted me to check them out (1) they were not responding to any emails and (2) When my bal. reached to about $700 my password and user id didn't work anymore. that made me more suspicious and I decided to run a check on them. glade I did . have to take down the posts on facebook and google ~

    • Anonymous: Mar 31, 2014 from: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

      It is really a fake website and harass people. ~

      • Anonymous: Apr 22, 2014 from: India

        Yes, you are right friend. ~

    • Anonymous: Mar 21, 2014 from: Bradenton, Florida, United States

      I am noticing the same thing about not getting responses to emails. Also, the only way to pay for a premium membership or anything else, like referrals and free spins, is egopay. When I went to sign up with them, it said the service is not available in my area (United States). ~

      • Anonymous: Mar 24, 2014 from: Québec, Québec, Canada

        I will find out soon enough if they pay because one of my friend already pay the 20$ monthly for premium membership and soon the 2 months will be over! ~

        • Anonymous: Mar 30, 2014 from: Venezuela

          Hello, can you let us know if your friend received the payment from this company please, or tell us his experience? ~

        • Anonymous: Mar 25, 2014 from: Belgrade, Serbia

          Did anyone pay premium upgrade and got paid? Please answer ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 8, 2014 from: Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan

    Yes I have worked in, and the above given details are true, i have 1100$ in this Cashtasks but for Cash Out i have to upgrade to premium for 2 months and it needs round about 40$ and why should i pay 40$, for receiving my own money because i worked hard for it....this is total scam fraud.... ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 6, 2014 from: Lady Lake, Florida, United States

    I started out with Cash Tasks when they still had Paypal and other payment processors available for upgrading to a premium member. But I did not upgrade at the time. I have earned almost $2,000 and I cannot upgrade to cash out and get paid because they took away all payment processors except for EgoPay which does not accept new accounts from people in the United States. I have emailed them many times, and they do not respond. We have a Cash Tasks group on Facebook and none of us who joined Cash Tasks have been paid. Not one dime, they refuse to answer our emails, they have not added any more payment processors for those of us in the United States so we could upgrade to a premium member and hopefully get paid. Yes Cash Tasks is a SCAM. Don't waste your time. If they would hold true to there specified policies I would be writing a whole different comment here, but they are not answering emails and not paying out. There are hundreds of us whom Cash Tasks OWES money too for our work within their program. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 4, 2014 from: Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan

    Is neobux Legitimate or a Scam? ~

    • info: Mar 4, 2014

      Yes, it is legitimate. ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 3, 2014 from: Philippines

    $1 per click is too good to be true!
    good thing I found this site before clicking more than 5 adverts! ~

  • Anonymous: Mar 3, 2014 from: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    I am using payojob .com please kindly tell me is this scam or not ~

    • Anonymous: 11 months, 3 weeks ago from: Chengdu, Sichuan, China

      I have $725, but i cant put out to my Paypal. It's a big scam. ~

    • Anonymous: Apr 6, 2014 from: Las Piñas City, Las Pinas, Philippines

      Yes it is a scam, along with actpals. ~

    • info: Mar 3, 2014

      Yes, it is a scam. ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 28, 2014 from: Lisle, Illinois, United States

    That was a close one, i was about to tell a whole bunch of people about this. I'm glad i found this site asap! ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 26, 2014 from: Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan

    yes it is a big scam. now my balance is 712 dollar . and they hide the button of next advert. so do not join this website. ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 24, 2014 from: Oak Forest, Illinois, United States

    I understand that this site is about finding the scams, can you tell us where all the legit sites are. We're here to make money! ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 24, 2014 from: Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas

    Cashtasks .com claims they answer your questions within 24 hours. I sent a message asking why paypal was removed as a payment option almost a week ago and never got a response. They claim on their site that hotmail and yahoo block their e-mails. I find that rather strange. They are also quite a number of spelling errors and other grammatical mistakes on the site. I knew this site was too good to be true. They seem to have payment proofs on the site, yet, I can't find anyone who has claimed to earn money from them. ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 24, 2014 from: Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain


    I am also a victim of this fraudulent website.

    Best regards.

    Antonio ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 23, 2014 from: United Kingdom

    Thank you for the review. I've just started, will stop now. I always wonder what there is to gain from scamming people this way. It takes a lot of money time ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 18, 2014 from: Young, Saskatchewan, Canada

    I have a question. If there are scam sites out there like cashtasks. Why don't the websites get takin down if there are taking peoples money? ~

    • info: Feb 18, 2014

      It usually takes a while before these websites are discovered by the company hosting them. Usually, this is why most fake websites register their domain names for the minimum period of one year. ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 17, 2014 from: Egypt

    I am a victim of this fraudulent website . i made about 3000$ and got nothing :( ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 15, 2014 from: Portugal

    Hi to all i am sure that cashtasks its a scam but something is bug me if cashtasks don't have the paypal email registered in paypal how they receive the money from ugrades and advertise?
    have nice day to all ~

    • info: Feb 15, 2014

      I am not saying they dont have a PayPal account or email address, what I am saying is in the payment proof on the website it shows their email account is verified by PayPal. But, when you check it with PayPal it is not. ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 13, 2014 from: Dar es Salaam, 23, Tanzania

    I have been scammed, if you try to buy or upgrade membership from today, they no longer have the option to pay thru paypal or visa card, only egopay. Yesterday they had other options. ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 11, 2014 from: Delhi, Delhi, India

    I know cashtasks .com is a scam. the-bux .net, clixzor .com, visitpayment .com are some of the big scams. But not all sites are scam. ~

    • Anonymous: Mar 1, 2014 from: United States

      Weeklypay .com is scam too. ~

    • Anonymous: Feb 20, 2014 from: Greece

      i am at the bux for some time now and i cannot get my money ...they don't pay and they say that you will get your money but the money transfer time window is so short and not so many people get paid cannot get more than 2 bux....THEBUX IS TURNING OUT TO BE A SCAM SITE avoid it...clixzor after 7 months and endless hours clicking i still haven't received payment and neither i expect it anymore...neobux paid...but i reached 140 refs and lost 110 cause no one clicked,i believe neobux is the biggest scam site ever cause it is the industry's big magnet.gladbux paid me, probux is going well haven't asked for payment yet, ~

      • Anonymous: Mar 13, 2014 from: Flórina, Florina, Greece

        I am back with a new report....
        clixzor is SCAM
        thebux is SCAM
        Gladbux paid and now they have issues with paypal so they rely on payza, but payza does not pay in many countries dunno what will happen there.

        Cashtasks has this issue...once you reach 1000 bux they ask of you to upgrade to gold membership....and it seems scammish.

        Probux 3 days ago changed something in their servers and at the same day i got meddling in my account. I had 22 bux in my main balance and I found almost 10 bux in the purchase balance( this money i cannot draw and its locked in the site) out of the rest 12 bux left in my main balance 5 $ was spent to buy 25 new referrals but i got it back 1 day later since i already reached the max ref amount of 200 and the 25 new refs that was bought was cancelled....

        noulinx is really problematic since refs dont click, neobux the so called king remains crappy and out of 140 refs i m down at 19 and i ll lose more in the next days.

        Finalizing, i must say that all bux sites are really selling broken dreams and i am really disappointed. For someone that does not have the intent to invest hard to an industry that is so frail and you dont know what will the next day bring i must say...stay away....if you want to make money guyz get a job cause these sites are only bubbles in the land of oz....dreams and fairytales ~

    • Anonymous: Feb 18, 2014 from: Bangladesh

      Can u tell me which side are real? ~

      • Anonymous: Mar 8, 2014 from: Finland

        Neobux, Clixsense are the very best sites which always pay, I have got payouts many times. ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 9, 2014 from: Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan

    I am also a victim of this fraudulent website. Can any one tell me what is real on the net. ~

    • Anonymous: Feb 13, 2014 from: Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan

      I am also a victim of this fraudulent website. ~

    • Anonymous: Feb 9, 2014 from: Kenya

      I am a victim too to this site, keep off. Nice work pointing that out. ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 9, 2014 from: Makati, Manila, Philippines

    How did you know that the e-mail address was not verified by PayPal? Can you tell me how to do it please? I just want to learn it :) Thank you. ~

    • info: Feb 9, 2014

      You will need a PayPal account in order to tell.

      1. Sign into your PayPal account
      2. Go to "Send Payment"
      3. Enter the recipient's email address
      4. Enter $1 in the "Amount" field
      5. Click the "Continue" button ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 6, 2014 from: Europe

    The explanation above of non usage SSL protocol is true,but there is something more we need to investigate a lot. When I joined cashtasks, I found that the site is registered with Godaddy, but have you noticed about crowdflower tasks? You know crowdflower? As you may find out crowdflower is popular in Neobux,Clixsense,Mturk as they are legit tasks provider in the sites I mentioned just now,but my question is how come crowdflower tasks being shown in cashtasks in tasks section? ~

    • Anonymous: Feb 23, 2014 from: Oran, Oran, Algeria

      probux is a scam too i been there for more then a year, and when i wanted to cash-out i clicked and then i got suspended, believe me they are professional scammer, neobux and probux i been in both of them ~

      • Anonymous: Mar 8, 2014 from: Finland

        no Neobux is legit, it has been paid instantly over many years ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 5, 2014 from: Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, India

    Thanks a lot for this information. I was planing to join cashtasks but now I have dropped the idea. ~

    • Anonymous: Feb 20, 2014 from: Greece

      about cash tasks ...i am at 730 atm...when i get to 1000 in 10 12cdays i ll repost and inform ya ~

      • Anonymous: Mar 23, 2014 from: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

        I just started Cash Tasks 4 days ago. I'm at $200 now. I purchased a Premium membership at $19.99 and 10 referrals at $9.99. Payment of course is only egopay; but didn't realize there were other methods a while back. But they claim to pay to PapPal. I'm finding out that the first couple of days I was able to click on videos throughout the day and earn an extra few dollars. Yesterday the 3rd day I was able to click on a couple of videos; but today the 4th day, no videos appeared for me to click on. Surveys!!! They don't let you know ahead of time; but when filling out the surveys that the quota has been filled. I would fill them out and when I was done I would get the message 'The quota has been filled, try again.' Then last night I filled out a survey about health care for $8. This time it looked more like a survey. They had a progress bar as the I was completing the survey. Looked like a very legit survey. Got just about to the end and received a message basically to the effect (can't remember the exact wording, ' we can't let you complete the survey', and they cut me off from filling out the other surveys. In the 4 days I worked on the surveys, I was never given credit for the surveys I know I completed. I've been promoting this like crazy; but think I should remove all my advertising and see what happens. And your right; they don't answer their emails. Sent them two; but know response. Would really like to think they are legit; but from the statements in here; it doesn't look good. ~

        • info: Mar 23, 2014

          Report it to the police. ~

          • Anonymous: 11 months, 3 weeks ago from: Indian Hills, Colorado, United States

            report them to the internet fraud unit, the police cant do squat. ~

    • Anonymous: Feb 13, 2014 from: Delhi, Delhi, India

      Absolutely fake, I earned $ 30 in a just 25 minutes !!! ha ha.....that means I don't need to go to office and work hard.....!! ~

  • Anonymous: Feb 5, 2014 from: Westerly, Rhode Island, United States

    Great Job!! I never thought of checking PayPal registration in order to investigate a site's legitimacy. What sent up a flag for me was, as you pointed out, that they make you wait so long, and for such a high amount, before you cash out. In the terms and conditions, there are so many ways to "disqualify" you from receiving your earnings.

    The other flag is that I know in this business, it is difficult to receive $1.00 from "selling" advertising. How are they going to afford to pay someone that much to "view" advertising.

    Lastly, you were smart to point out the difference between “https://” instead of “http://”, Many people don't know that.

    Thank you so much for this piece. I will share it profusely! You save a friend of mine from wasting any more of her time. She is brilliant, and works hard from home on her computer, but falls for these scams left and right. Even the blanent MLMs like:

    Direct Pay Business (DPB)

    Please do an investigation on that one, if you haven't already!

    K. Leyland ~

    • info: Feb 7, 2014

      We have investigated Direct Pay Business and found out the website cannot be trusted. Click here to read more. ~

      • Anonymous: Mar 4, 2014 from: Santa Ana, California, United States

        How do you know payojob is a scam? ~

        • Anonymous: Apr 6, 2014 from: Las Piñas City, Las Pinas, Philippines

          payjob to interduty, to regularduty, to actpals. They keep changing the name of the website and you have to re-register to log in. SCAM ~

        • info: Mar 4, 2014

          Click here for information. ~

          • Anonymous: Mar 15, 2014 from: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

            cashnjob .com is scam or not? ~

            • info: Mar 15, 2014

              cashnjob .com is a scam. ~

              • Anonymous: 11 months, 3 weeks ago from: India

                I want cash out and i have earned 1266 and completed 60 days. ~

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