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Phishing Scam PayPal Email Receipt: Receipt for your PayPal payment to David Hesslefors

Date: May 08, 2013 10:18 AM - Views: 2,683 - Article ID:4954 - Comment: 0
Phishing Scam PayPal Email Receipt: Receipt for your PayPal payment to David Hesslefors

The email message below with the subject: "Receipt for your PayPal payment to David Hesslefors", is designed to steal your PayPal sign in information. Clicking on any of the links in this email message will take you to a fake website impersonating The trick is to get you to enter your PayPal user name and password on this fake website, which will then be sent to the scammers behind this scam.

This is how the phishing scam PayPal email looks

Receipt for your PayPal payment to David Hesslefors Scam Email

From:    service (uneconomicalkd2
Subject: Receipt for your PayPal payment to David Hesslefors

Feb 18, 2013 10:54:32 PDT
Transaction ID: UYL1S74CKFCVBG7A2

You sent a payment of $149.49 USD to David Hesslefors (
Thanks for using PayPal. To see all the transaction details, log in to your PayPal account.

It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.

David Hesslefors
Note to seller
You haven't included a note.
Shipping address - unconfirmed

ROWLETT, WI 80544-8863
United States

Shipping details
USPS Priority Mail

Description         Unit price            Qty         Amount
TAG Heuer Men's CAU7426.FT9944 Formula 1 Black Dial Black Rubber Strap Quartz Watch
Item# 427908987369       $149.49 USD       1              $149.49 USD

Shipping and handling    $0.00 USD
Insurance - not offered ----

Total      $149.49 USD
Payment              $149.49 USD

Charge will appear on your credit card statement as PAYPAL David Hesslefors
Payment sent to uneconomicalkd2

This email message was sent to multiple addresses, each address randomly generated. This is how spammers use automated software to generate random email addresses in the hope of generating a few of their victims email addresses.

If you click on any of the links in this email message, you will be taken to the following phishing website: closest/i9jfuhioejskveohnuojfir.php

Your PayPal user name and password will be stolen if you enter it on this website. These scammers will then use this information to sign into your PayPal account and transfer money from there to a bank or another PayPal account.

If you have entered your PayPal username and password on this website, please change your Paypal password right now.

Please remember not to click on any links in an email message to sign into any account. Always go directly to the website that has sent the email message to you and sign into your account from there.

So, if you receive an email notification message from PayPal, instead of clicking on any of the links in this message, please go to and sign in from there.

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