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Fake Facebook Powerball Lottery Notifications

Fake Facebook Powerball Lottery Notifications

If you are notified by a Facebook friend or some other person, with a message claiming that you are on the Facebook Powerball winners list, and you should notify someone in order to claim your money, please DO NOT respond to the message or send your hard earned money.

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The message is a scam. Facebook has never had a lottery and currently doesn't have one running .

Once you are asked to pay money in order to receive money, it is the first sign that someone is attempting to scam you. Thousands of Facebook users have been receiving these messages.

This is what some persons have to say, who have received the same message:

  • I was just notified by one of my fb friends. Patricia McHolsten by message. Saying I was on a fb Powerball winners list and to notify Robert S Collins to claim my money. So I contacted him. He asked for personal info and $650 to delivery the money.
  • I just been notified by one of my fb friends to add Robert S Collins and ask for my winnings. Asked for personal info and $650 delivery fee.
  • I received a message from a friend on Facebook telling me my name was on the receivers list along with her name as a power ball winner in the Facebook Anniversary Promo,I sent the information they wanted. How stupid could I be!
  • Received thru Facebook name Lynn Risdale that I was a winner and she had won also. She stated she sent her $650.00 for the processing fee and they delivered $450,000.00 and a brand new 2013 Nissan truck and that I had won also. I needed to contact this "Michael Barbara" at I did. He told me that I too had won a brand new 2013 Nissan truck and $450,000.00. All I needed to do was send $650.00 processing fee by Western Union and I would receive this money and truck.
  • Here is a version I received this morning as a message on Facebook from a friend:

    I actually just want to tell you that i just receive $50,000 from Powerball Lottery anniversary and they cash was delivered to me here at my home address but when i was signing for my cash your name appear next to my name and i asked the agent he said you need to claim it yourself... You need to email them now and claim it tell them you want to check your name on the winning list ... here is the email powerballagency11@li­­­­­­­­ or powerballagency1@gma­­­­­­­­ or scott_wallacee75 @yah­­ or text them you want to check your name (206) 397-8415 . Text or email them your full name and address and they will tell you everything you need to do to get yours. Good luck to you

For information about this fake Facebook Powerball lottery, please click here.

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