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Facebook Account Hacked - How did Hackers Gain Access to my Facebook Account?

Facebook Account Hacked - How did Hackers Gain Access to my Facebook Account?

Have your Facebook account ever being illegally accessed or hacked? If your answer is yes, then the question on your mind is how hackers gained access to my account. Did they hack Facebook‘s users database and stole my user name and password? No, this is not the case. Surprisingly, Facebook users allow these cybercriminals access to their accounts by allowing malicious Facebook applications to access their accounts and giving them (cybercriminals) their user names and passwords.

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But, why would Facebook users give cybercriminals access to their accounts? The thing is they did not do this knowingly.  They were tricked into entering their Facebook user names and passwords on fake or phishing Facebook websites. Or, they were tricked into installing a malicious or deceptive Facebook application.

Fake or Phishing Facebook websites

These fake or phishing websites are designed to look exactly like website, because this tricks Facebook users into thinking they are on the legitimate website

Once Facebook users enter their user names and passwords on these fake websites, it will be sent to the scammers or cybercriminals behind these deceptive websites. And, with this information, these cybercriminals will be able to gain access to the compromised Facebook accounts. They may even change the password for the account, which will lock the Facebook user out of his/her account.

If you were tricked into entering your Facebook user name and password on a fake Facebook website, please change your password immediately or click here for help to recover your Facebook account.

Malicious Facebook Applications

Have you ever received a Facebook post or message, which appeared as if it came from a Facebook friend, but the friend said he/she didn’t send it? If you did, then your friend’s Facebook account may have been the victim of a deceptive or malicious Facebook application.

Cybercriminals will trick their victims into installing their malicious Facebook applications, by claiming that you need to, in order to view a video or some other online content. Once these malicious applications are installed, they will send spam or other malicious Facebook post to all of the victims’ Facebook friends. And, because of this, the victims run the chance of getting their Facebook account banned.

Now, to prevent your Facebook account from being compromised, always sign into your Facebook account on their website at and never “like”, share, comment on, or install a Facebook application, in order to view a video or other online content.

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