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Is a fake or legitimate website?

Is a fake or legitimate website?

The website is a fake. This website claims that it provides "Form Filling", "Data Entry", "Pay Per Click", ""Paid Survey", "Pay to Surf", "Email Reading" and other online jobs, where persons can make easy money. But, do not be fooled by this website‘s fake easy money job offerings. It was designed to trick persons into paying for a service or a job that they will never receive.

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The website

The website

If you try to register on this website, you will be taken to the malicious website below:

This website (‘’) is classified as a spam and malware distribution point by popular security software maker Kerio.

Security Software Maker Kerio Blocking the

Access Denied
Requested page
Site is blocked by Kerio Filter due to its contents
Kerio Web Filter categories
Spam, Malware Distribution Point

Most of the websites that the links on the website ( go to, have been taken down.

Scammers know that persons are looking desperately to earn money in this tough economical time. So, so they set up these fake websites in order to rob these desperate persons of their money, by claiming that they can provide online jobs for them, which can quickly earn large amounts of money with little effort.

So, do not throw away your hard-earned money by paying for services on this fake job offering website you.

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