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Fraudulent Emails - "From the Desk of the President Barrack Obama. The Last Warning"

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Fraudulent Emails - "From the Desk of the President Barrack Obama. The Last Warning"

The email messages below: "From the Desk of the President Barrack Obama. The Last Warning," below are all fraudulent, and you should not respond to them with your personal information. Every month, thousands of these email messages are sent out by scammers to trick their potential victims into stealing their personal information and sending money.

So, never send your personal information to anyone in an email message or send money to someone who contacted you via email message.

The Fraudulent Email Messages:

Subject: Re: From the desk of the President Barrack Obama. THE LAST WARNING
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2014 11:32:27 +0000

Attn: ,

You have summoned a good courage and I gratefully like that. As it stands now; it has come to our notice that you are one of the Osama Bin Laden`s agent and strong member of ISIS Islamic because there are documents that was brought to me and since you have kept quiet in complying with the requirements.

I have no doubt that you know all about him and I promise you that you will be trapped down like him very soon because I have set up all the machinery that will help in getting you down to also show the whole world that you are one of this late notorious terrorist, I can’t seat and watch peoples taking our country for granted .

Kindly respond to this message.

From the desk of the President.
Barrack Obama.

Subject: Re; From the desk of the President Barrack Obama. WARNING
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 10:53:21 +0000

Attn: ,

Let me use this opportunity to let you know that since you have decided to take this matter for granted and refused to obey the order and instructions given to you from this office, I have therefore. Issued out arrest warrant and any moment from now you shall be arrested and be brought to the court for facing your criminal charges and money laundering which means life sentence.

Because of this, I have vowed to make you go through what Osama Bin Laden went through because I have today set up all the security agencies that will carry out this operation, you have been place under security watch and everything about you both your information has been in my database as well as the agencies that will carry out the arrest.

I tried all my possible best to show you love and work with you with one spirit and one mind but you are paying me back this way by ignoring my message, I have never cheated in my life and I have always been known as gentle and a nice man but today you have made me to talk tough and take a serious decision that I will never go back, I will let the whole world know that you are another terrorist we are facing in this country very soon both in the CNN and other local medias.

I have ordered the security agencies to get you either dead or alive and you will be use as another example, I thought you are a nice and reasonable someone but never knew that you are such a fool and stupid, the only thing that can stop this action f rom taking place is only if you can get back to me now with copy of the certificate.

Internet was created by American for the purpose of creating awareness for your products/services and conducting genuine business with ease. Hence, I am making every efforts to ensure that no citizen of the United States is cheated by other citizen, I have all the proof to show that this fund belongs to you and it was approved by Nigeria government, this arrest warrant is still valid until it is executed and every high authority has a copy of it and I think that will serve you better.

In fact, I wonder how your family will feel when they will hear that you have been declared wanted and charge for money laundering and also hear that you are heading to life jail, I don't have much to tell you here but only to tell you that you have been declared wanted and you will be facing your life sentence, I am assuring you that in a moment from now you will be caught just like the way Osama Bin Laden was caught and you will regret your life.

There are a lot of charges that will lead you to jail which includes disobeying the law.

Kindly respond to this message.

From the desk of the President.
Barrack Obama.

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