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Can Calls From +96723345 Clone or Duplicate Your SIM Card?

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Can Calls From +96723345 Clone or Duplicate Your SIM Card?

A lot of people have reported receiving calls from telephone number +96723345, and are fearful to answer, because someone on Facebook told them that their SIM cards will be cloned or duplicated if they answer the call. So, is it possible for a SIM card to be cloned or duplicated by just answering a phone call?

Well, the answer is no. It is currently impossible to clone a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card by answering a call. But, a Facebook post spreading like wildfire on the internet is claiming that phone calls from +96723345 will clone your SIM card if the call is answered.

The Facebook Post

Cell Phone +96723345

BEWARE! +96723345

I keep getting this call and I'm sharing it so that anyone else that gets it, doesn't answer it! I read recently that numbers from Pakistan and Peru are trying to clone SIM cards once the call is answered!!

This is rubbish, because to clone a SIM card, you will need the IMSI and KI numbers, which cannot be retrieved by answering a telephone call. Both the KI and IMSI numbers are stored within the SIM card’s circuitry, which can be read using specially designed equipment and software that can be installed on your computer.

Then you will need to take the SIM card out of the phone and plug it into a SIM card cloning or duplicating device.

The IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) number is used to identify the user of a cellular network and is a unique identification associated with all cellular networks, while the KI (Key Indicator) is the individual subscriber authentication key. It is a 128-bit number that is paired with an IMSI when the SIM card is created.

Once you have both IMSI and KI numbers, you will have to enter them into the SIM card cloning device.

Now, we do not know who is making the calls or for what reason because once the calls are answered, they are terminated by the caller.

Some persons are claiming that these calls are made by automated telephone dialers that call telephone numbers, and if someone answers will know that the number is valid. And, if the number is valid, it will be sold to scammers or telemarketers. But, even if you do not answer the call and it goes to voice mail, the automatic dialer will still be able to determine if the phone is valid or not, because of the voice message.

We do not know exactly who is calling and the reason for the call. We are currently researching and will continue to post more information as we receive it.

But, we can definitely tell you that your SIM card cannot be cloned or duplicated by just answering a telephone call.

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