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Hoax - One-Year-Old Baby Aneela from Uganda Who was Brutally Tortured by a Maid has Died

Hoax - One-Year-Old Baby Aneela from Uganda Who was Brutally Tortured by a Maid has Died

Baby Aneela, the one-year-old, from the East African country of Uganda, who was brutally tortured and almost beaten to death by the family's maid who was left in her care, is NOT dead. The horrific video (see below) shows the nanny wickedly force-feeding, slapping, standing on, kicking, and throwing the child. All this was recorded by a hidden camera installed by the baby's father, Eric Kamanzi, who got suspicious after finding bruises on the baby, and who was told by the nanny that the bruises were due to the child falling.

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The Video of the Nanny Beating Baby Aneela

The video contains footage that maybe disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Hoax Which Claims Baby Aneela is Dead

Baby Aneela from Uganda

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This innocent Gal who brutally tortured by a maid has died.

If wild animals like Lions, Leopards, Elephants and Snakes cannot harm a baby? Why would a normal person brutally torture an innocent kid like Yesterday the maid was remanded to Luzira by Nakawa court. Her case will be heard on 18th Dec.


But, according to a Ugandan news website that spoke to Baby Aneela's mother, Baby Aneela is still alive. This is what the mother said:

“We just received a phone call from the mother of tortured child and said her daughter is improving though she still needs prayers. As the police goes on with its investigations on the case.

We took her [Aneela] to the hospital for medical checkup and she is okay. We will be returning to the hospital next week.”

The father was arrested and released, after he had beaten the nanny to a pulp, after watching the video. He is schedule to attend court in December, while the nanny was charged with torture in Nakawa Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, November 20 and remanded in Luzira Maximum Prison.

For more updated information about the current state of Baby Aneela, please click here.

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