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Hoax - "Gollywood - Nollywood Actor Van Vicker Had A Very Big Terrible Accident"

Hoax - "Gollywood - Nollywood Actor Van Vicker Had A Very Big Terrible Accident"

From Hollywood to Gollywood/Nollywood, scammers have created another celebrity hoax. This time, the victim is Ghanaian actor Van Vicker. The hoax claims that the actor had a terrible accident on his way to church. But, this is not true; the actor is alive and well. Cybercriminals have created another celebrity death hoax, with the intention of tricking gullible social networking users into commenting on the fake social networking post, which will only help spread it to other users and make it popular.

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The Actor Van Vicker Death Hoax

Gollywood/Nollywood actor Van Vicker had a very big terrible accident yesterday on his way to church.

He's suffering from internal bleeding gushing out through the mouth, the doctors said he may loose his life but we do not agree,let us pray

O Lord we join hands today and decree that you save hislife today, we believe that you can heal him in the mighty name of God.

Please type "Amen" if you wish him quick recovery...


The actor posted the following under his social networking account:

“There is a post on an imposter’s page that I had an accident this morning on my way to church and I might die from bleeding. Its a rumor and a stunt to drive traffic to that page. I am well and in great health. JeHoV dy by my side. Stay Eeasy”

Once persons start sharing this hoax, it will make the page popular by driving a lot of traffic to it, which the scammers can sell to the highest bidder or harvest the names and other information about the users who have shared, liked, or commented on it.

If you have already liked this page, please unlike it. Also, remove any comments or shared post that you have made on your Facebook Timeline, NewFeed or Wall.

This celebrity death hoax is similar to the Celine Dion, Will Smith,Shaggy, Rapper Eminem, Jackie Chan, Oprah Winfrey, Miley Cyrus and Angelina Jolie hoaxes.

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