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Warning - 14 Year Old Girl Threaten on Kik Messaging App

Warning - 14 Year Old Girl Threaten on Kik Messaging App

The story below, spreading on popular social networking website like wildfire, which tells of a 14 year-old girl who was threaten by an unknown person on popular smartphone messaging app, Kik Messenger, should be taken seriously.

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Parents are urged to monitor their children's online activities and should encourage them report any strange, abusive, threatening or bullying behaviors to them.

Here is the story:

A big warning to all parents and users of the app Kik. Even we have warned our 14 year old daughter not to use this app she has been using it until tonight when she has experienced something very worrying and disgusting.

I am not sure how it works but some random male added her and asked how she was going and how old she was. When she said she was 14 he posted a picture of her with her head super imposed over a naked female.

He then threatened that if she blocked him or told anyone he would upload it onto the web for everyone to see and if she didn't flash him he would do the same. Thank goodness our daughter brought it straight out to us and I am very glad she had the sense to do this but it worries me how many other young naive girls could get caught by this.

We are now waiting for the police to come round to take our statements and hopefully might be able to do something about this person. Please share this with everyone you know to protect these young people.

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