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Fake and Phishing HSBC UK and GoDaddy Email - "Transaction-ID019581"

Fake and Phishing HSBC UK and GoDaddy Email - "Transaction-ID019581"

The email message below: "Transaction-ID019581," is a fake and was not sent by HSBC UK. The email was instead sent by cyber-criminals to trick their potential victims into clicking on the link within it, which will take them a fake HSBC UK web page. The fake page will ask the potential victims to enter their online banking userID, Date of Birth, Telephone banking security number, account number, sort code, full name, address, city, country and postcode, which will be sent to the cyber-criminals who have created the fake HSBC email and web page.

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The cyber-criminals will then use the information to hijack the victims' accounts and steal their money or use the accounts in other fraudulent ways.

The Fake HSBC Email Message

Subject: Transaction-ID019581
Date: Wed, 27 May 2015 09:46:18 +0200

We have received a payment request from 'goDADDY.COM' to charge £3.99/month to your account.

If you made this transaction or if you authorize, ignore this message.

The current payment is pending.

If you didn't make this payment and want to cancel it, go to our website.

HBCS.UK 2015

If you were tricked by the phishing scam into entering and submitting your HSBC account information on the fake web page, please report it to HSBC immediately.

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