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Is the Website "" or "" a Scam?

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Is the Website "" or "" a Scam?

The website "," which is the same as "," claims they are a unique and proven step-by-step system that anyone can use to build a real business online, has been crucified by many online users, who have told us the website is a scam. So we have decided to share their experience with you, so you may decide for yourself, if the website is worth trying.

It is hard for us to determine if websites like "" are legitimate or not, because those websites claim that earnings are based on the amount of visits or website traffic.

The Reviews Received by Online Users for

  • "Well I paid the $6 to check out the site and decided I would cancel within the 7 day limit. On the 6th day they billed me $61. It’s currently being sorted out. But if you’re even thinking about looking at this site. DON’T DO IT ! ! !"
  • "This a scam. Please be advised, not to proceed with the free 7 days trial, this will only lead you to paying more per month, without any real results."
  • "I’m not impressed with the program I took the 7 day trial at a cost of US$4.95 and no results and my trail is almost on the expiry date. I’m dissapointed because when they Market the products they make it sound so easy to make money, and you realise after you bought it that you do most things on your own. My piece of advise to anyone looking to get the product is. Just put yourself up for hard work. It’s possible to make money with them but just be ready to work tirelessly to see any money in your pocket. That goes with most of the online services! Just put your mind in anything you do and stick to it then your success is almost garuanteed!"
  • "I have joined traffic brokers. I did whatever i was told to but the main thing which is not taught, shown, or replied about is bothering me. I am not able to understand how am i connecting myself with the advertisers there and then connecting them to my clients. They are just showing how to find and select advertisers and clients, but not how to connect them so that we can actually earn."
  • "Well here we go… I was optimistic about this but this is how it works.. Get flash info pay $4.95 that goes directly to jeff… Email gets sent to you…. Within the next month recurring $35 gets debited where does this go to …. Jeff…. Times $4.95 plus how many months of $35 dollars you pay times the amount of people he gets to do it thats how he make the money…. So i had many issues clickbank also denied my account being debited however i have bank statements to prove and also they are not licensed to or under any authority…. So the only way you will make money is by doing this process as a 1 man bandit… Yes my lawyer is now pursuing this and all ip addresses etc have being trace no matter how clever jeff thinks he is watch this space in the next few weeks once he is prosecuted i will update……. My advice dont be fooled and stay well clear."
  • "I just paid $4.95 to try for 7 days. Yesterday I went through most of the training and I’m not impressed. and yes it appears that I am going to have to invest some $ and still not sure how well T.B. pays! Also, when T.B. sent me an email, my internet security warned me not to open the email, that it had dangerous content!! My advice: stay away from this “venture”. I do not trust them and will be canceling tomorrow!!!"
  • "It’s a scam. If they pay you, it’s still a rip-off. I’ve seen the exact same content of that website under different addresses, using different colour schemes, called different project names, and a different name of the guy at the bottom of the page."
  • "I don’t know who’s recreating these sites, but they are starting to become notorious for being total dicks to the more honest people of society."
  • "Hi. Trafficbrokers is another scam like thousands out there. I joined several months ago, followed everything. I even joined ans paid, signed-up to this and that to boost your traffic as promised…still fails to generate a cent."
  • "Be careful…This is a 2 year-old thing but none can prove an income. Still not wondering? C’mon people. Don’t be like me betting my hard earned cash to vain."

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