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The Website - "" is Fraudulent and a Phishing Scam

The Website - "" is Fraudulent and a Phishing Scam

The website: "," which appears as an e-commerce website, selling electronics, like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and iPads, is actually a phishing website, created by cyber-criminals to steal their victims’ credit card and personal information. With the stolen information, the scammers behind the fake and fraudulent website will use it to steal the victims’ money. So, never purchase anything on the website and if you have already done so, please contact your bank. Let them know that you have used your credit card on a fraudulent website.

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The Fraudulent Website:

The fake and fraudulent website is also known for tricking its users into downloading spyware, web browser hijacker and adware software. These types of software capture the users’ browser information, without their knowledge, and use it to display annoying pop-up advertisements to them, change their web searches, and hijack their web browser settings. This includes hijacking their web browser home-page and default search engine.

All of this is done illegally to generate traffic for the website, which will make it popular and make a lot of money from advertisements.

The website: “,” is also known for creating ridiculous sale offers, which the scammers behind it, use to lure their victims to the phishing website.

The website currently has a fake BBC News website that looks just like the real thing located at: “”, which claims that British citizens found a loophole to get the new iPhone 6 for only £1. All this is a scam and clicking on the links in the fake BBC news article will take potential victims to back to the fraudulent website: “”

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