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Beware of Gmail Version 4 Build 2016 Update or Upgrade Phishing Email Message

Beware of Gmail Version 4 Build 2016 Update or Upgrade Phishing Email Message

The email message below, which claims that the recipients should click on a link within it to upgrade to Gmail version Build 2016, in order to secure their accounts, is a phishing scam. The links in the fake email message go to a phishing website that steals Google account usernames and passwords. The phishing website looks exactly like Google’ own website, which makes it easier to trick Gmail or Google users into believing the fake website is legitimate.

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Therefore, recipients of the fake email message (see sample below) should delete it and not follow the instructions in it. And, Gmail or Google users should never click on a link to sign into their accounts, they should instead, go directly to and sign-in from there. And, if something is wrong with their accounts, they will be notified after signing in. Doing this will prevent Google users from visiting fake Gmail or Google websites that steal account credentials, personal and financial information.

The Gmail Version 4 Update or Upgrade Phishing Email

Gmail Version 4 Build 2016 Update or Upgrade

From: The Gmȧil Team []
Subject: Notice [WARNING]
Date: December 1, 2016 at 6:31:12 PM EST


User Account Upgrade

Dear User,

At Google, we take the security of your Account very seriously.

To keep using our email services, kindly help us secure your account by updating to our latest Gmail Version [v. Build 2016]


Best Regards,
The Google Account Team

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