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Beware of Deceptive Ads - "Content Can't be Played or Displayed" by Fraudulent Movie Streaming

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Beware of Deceptive Ads - "Content Can't be Played or Displayed" by Fraudulent Movie Streaming

The movie streaming website "" has been reported by many persons on the internet as fraudulent. Many of the complaints are about unauthorized hidden charges of their credit cards, not able to watch the movies that were advertised, and the website only has very old movies. Now, the website is using deceptive advertisements (see below) to trick online users into visiting their websites.

The reason I started researching this website is because I was tricked into clicking on the following advertisement:

Content Can't be Played or Displayed

It seems that you are not logged in to your account. If it's your first time here, please sign up - it's free.

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Clicking on the advertisement took me to the website "" The advertisement had nothing with do with me not able to play or view any content. It was just a deceptive move by filmlair to get me to visit their website.

Here are some of the complaints that we have received about

  • "Unauthorised credit card charge dated 23 November 2015, processed 25 November 2015 - amount USD49.95 @ 0.6492 including currency conversion fee of $1.92 TOTAL NZ$78.86 Charged to my credit card"
  • "I have had an unauthorised purchase from my credit card, from this company, when I have not purchased anything, I had entered my details for a one off purchase of $14.95 for viewing of V8 Supercars for the Bathurst weekend, but I never completed the purchase as it then came up as not..."
  • "Hello, I sent a request for a refund to you some days ago after just recently finding 3 monthly amounts of a little more than GBP 30.00 deducted from my bank account (not from my credit card). I received a replying stating that I had signed up for a free 5 day offer and as I had not"
  • "I've had a charge on my Mastercard credit card of 31.97 +0.88 non-sterling transaction fee. I have no idea what this is for as I don;t watch films on my computer. rarely watch films anyway. Date is Au 5, No 26413669. It says 18552025566 Mus, which i assume is music. Please refund."
  • "After being told that I won (being 100th visitor), I must sign up to watch one (1) month free movie and my credit card would not be charge. Seven days later, I went into my account and discovered that I was charged US$1 and then US$49.95. Even though they had my email address no message."
  • "I can remember signing up once for the trial period. I was quite happy with the fact that I wouldn't be charged as long as i didn't buy anything. I checked my credit card statements regularly to see if this was the case. I was happy to see that it was...UNTIL out of the blue over 15 months later there is a random charge on my credit card account for 49.95 US so with the currency exchange it cost me over 63 dollars, PLUS the bank charged me a currency conversion fee on top of that for 8 dollars so all up they have ROBBED me of 72 dollars of my hard earned money for their little scam."
  • "I have emailed 5 times so far. They charged me for a movie, and then sent in its place, another movie that I never ordered. I have tried many times to correct this order and NO response, what so ever. They even charged me for the higher priced movie and sent a cheaper movie."

Based on these complaints and personal experience with this website, I do not recommend signing up or registering with

Here are some other movie streaming websites you should not trust, they look exactly like


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Remember to forward malicious or phishing email messages to us at the following email address:

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