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Beware of "International Society of Business Leaders and Executives & Professionals" Scam

Beware of "International Society of Business Leaders and Executives & Professionals" Scam

If you have received email messages like the one below with the subject: "Your application to join our network of International Society of Executives & Professionals," please delete them. The links in the fake email messages go to the websites: "", "", "" and other similar websites. The websites claim to belong to an organization that calls itself "The International Society of Executives & Professionals" or "Exclusive Network of Business Leaders" that are advertised by unsolicited emails, which claim that the recipients have been specially selected for membership in this "elite network," and urging them to 'confirm' their information. The websites will then ask the recipients to register, which is a deceptive way of collecting personal information, so recipients of the fake email messages should delete them, and should never follow the instructions in them.

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The Fake "International Society of Business Leaders" Email Message

Subject: Your application to join our network

Confirmation (

I am pleased to inform you that based on your professional background, you have been selected to apply for inclusion into the International Society of Business Leaders. Our research department nominates a handful of potential candidates based on a variety of criteria such as your current professional standing, recent accomplishments, honors/awards, published articles, as well as information present on authoritative media outlets, social networks, and professional directories.

Based on this, I feel you would be a fitting addition to our elite network of professionals. As we compile our data from a variety of secondary sources, you must verify your information by completing your application here. There is no cost to apply or to be included.

Please note, the submission deadline is 2/29/2016, so it's important you finalize your application before this date.

Matthew Stern
Managing Director

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