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Scam - "Attn -Your $100 AmazonPrime Credit Will Expire on 03/29/16"

Scam - "Attn -Your $100 AmazonPrime Credit Will Expire on 03/29/16"

The email message below with the subject: "Attn:Your $100 AmazonPrime Credit Will Expire on 03/29/16," is a fake Amazon Prime notification email message, which will take recipients who have clicked on the link in it, to the fake survey website: "prize-o-rama.0379 .pics." The fake website, disguised as a Google Chrome Opinion survey, will ask potential victims to complete surveys and send them to different websites, where they will be asked to register for different services, which they will be charged for.

Please continue reading below.

So, recipients of the fake email message should not follow the instructions in it and should delete the message. Also, they should never visit the fraudulent website: "prize-o-rama.0379 .pics."

The Fake AmazonPrime Email Message

From: AMAZ0NPrime Points Adalynn@nosyttobirdses .click
Date: March 22, 2016 at 8:31:52 AM PDT
Subject: Attn:Your (-$100-) AmazonPrime Credit-Will Expire-on 03/29/16.user:julaine.hvass Prime.

****AMAZ0N-PRIME (SHOPPER#331432) - - DATE: 3/22/16
****ONE (- 1 -) DAY ONLY!

To show you how much we really do value your many years of repeat business, & to celebrate the outstanding success of AMAZ0N Prime, we’ve just awarded you with $100 worth of AMAZ0N bonus-points that can be applied towards any product currently for sale on AMAZ0N's website!

To use/claim your new awarded store bonus, just follow the link th at we have provided below here & use this coupon-card during checkout on AMAZ0N’s website........That’s about all there is to it!

Please Visit-Here NOW to redeem your new Prime Reward - This Reward Expires on 03/29/16

****The Link We've Provided Above-Expires on 03/29/2016...So Don't Wait!

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