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Beware of Scam Calls from Telephone Number - 1-855-764-8940

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Beware of Scam Calls from Telephone Number - 1-855-764-8940

Scammers are calling people from telephone number: 1-855-764-8940, using automated phone system or interactive voice system in an attempt to scam them. The scammers call their potential victims and attempt to trick them into sending money via prepaid debit cards or money transfer services like Western Union and MoneyGram by threatening lawsuits, arrest, delivering of summons and federal prosecution. They also use the same automated system to trick their potential victims into entering or submitting their personal and very sensitive information over the phone, or leave voice messages requesting a call back.

If you have received fraudulent telephone calls, please report them to your service provider. And, if you were tricked into entering your credit card information over the telephone, please report it to your bank. And, never give out your credit card information to someone that calls you, regardless of what they claim that they need it for.

Here are some complaints that we have received from people who have received calls from 1-855-764-8940:

  • "Yup, this scam is still active. Got a VM the other day from a "ms. Lopez, private courier delivering some legal docs between the hours of noon and 5pm the following day."
    No one showed up and they never mentioned the origination name of the sender or receiver. I typically ignore such calls but I was expecting something from my bank. It's safe to say, documents and calls from a reputable organization would provide more detailed information."
  • "I got a call (voicemail message) from someone claiming to be "Liz Lopez," a private courier. She claimed that she would deliver important documents to me tomorrow to my home or place of employment and that I should have 2 forms of ID ready. There was a call back number 855-764-8940 (did not match the caller ID) to call with the option to press #1 to cancel the delivery. I looked this up online and there were forums with many people getting this same call and thinking it's a scam."
  • " Received a call from a number with my cities prefix today, did not pick up. A lady named janellee? Left me a message stating this was a second attempt to contact me in regards to a check that was marked as fraud to my wells Fargo account. The call back number she left me was the 855-764-8940 ext. 128. From what I'm reading on here it's a total scam, first I have never received a voice mail from this company ever before and second she also stated to have myself or attorney contact them. I called back after I got off work and left a message, I'm curious to hear what she has to say. I will keep you guys posted."
  • "They called me today and left the nasty message about delivering a summons to my home / work. The funny part is...I actually HAVE a lawyer on retainer right now working of some fraudulent stuff on my credit report! lol I hope they enjoy the conversation they are about to have with her! lol "
  • "i received a call from "Unknown Caller" (which I refuse to answer) & the message was very vague, saying she has my information & SSN & that she has attempted to contact me on my home phone & work phone & this is the last time she is calling me."
  • "Says they have a electronic case and documents with my date of birth and ss# and need me to call. The person calling said his name was Phillip Jones, he said that he needed to hear back from me today and to call this number 855-764-8940 and gave me a case #. On my caller ID this number showed 877-577-6864 THIS IS A SCAM! "
  • "Got a call from a Jan Allen at this number. She said that she was investigating a credit card I opened in 2009 from Great Western. Right! Great Western hasn't been in existence for a very long time. Then she pulled out another account name that had nothing to do with the other. Scary thing is that she had ALL MY INFO! Guess I'll be investing in identification security."
  • "Message from Diane Johnson from Precision Financial Associates for my former husband (divorced since 1999) saying it is complaint #27459...also said he has been implicated as the respondent for an IBC violation...then the call cuts off.
    Don't think I will call her back. Maybe from a different number I will....If I do, I will report again."

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