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Beware of "Your Samsung Phone Has Been Selected Because We Need More Testers for the New Galaxy S8" Phishing Scam

Beware of "Your Samsung Phone Has Been Selected Because We Need More Testers for the New Galaxy S8" Phishing Scam

I have received the following pop-up window on my Android mobile from the fake website '': "Facebook message: Your Samsung phone has been selected because we need more testers for the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Press OK to participate and receive a free Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge." I clicked "OK," then I was sent to a page (still under "") saying: "Congratulation, you have been chosen to test the new Samsung Galaxy S8" and I would receive the S7 Edge for free.

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Then 4 questions must be answered (about mobile functionality), and after faking "checking answers" and claiming only 3 free phones left (same each time, I did it twice) so I needed to hurry to claim the gift; then a new page at "" said congratulation and claim that I was qualified to participate in the test, and would in short time receive more information. There were also "comments" from "satisfied receivers" of the gift (looked quite real, but the picture of the gift included the case for S6 (not S7)!).

To receive the gift a new link must be clicked, leading to a new page "" asking for a lot of personal information (name, address, telephone numbers etc.). I did not fill in anything and did not follow the links further. They would probably also ask for credit card info, as the receiver needed to pay a very small amount for postage.

This was intended for the Norwegian or Scandinavian market, most text was written in good Norwegian (some parts in Swedish).

The layout and language of this scam was much better than most other scam attempts I have seen.

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