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Scam - or is an Untrustworthy Website

Scam - or is an Untrustworthy Website

The website, or, which the owners claim provides opportunity, hope, and influence by paying users for posting photos, videos, and blogs, is untrustworthy. The owners of the website is using a service to hide their identity via their website domain registration, which makes it difficult to tell who they really are and where they are located. And, the website is designed to prevent members from cashing out the money they have earned, and getting help or support is almost virtually impossible.

Please continue reading below. or – The Untrustworthy Website or

The website, which the owners also claim is the world's first democratic social platform, where the profits and control of the company belong to members, continuously send invitational spam email messages, even when you have unsubscribed or opted-out of such emails.

Online users who are already members of or should know that the Empower randomly charges small amounts of money to their credit cards without their consent, and will also charge large amounts, which they will claim is for advertisement. Also, I have noticed that after installing their mobile app, it sent invitations to everyone in my contact address book without my consent. was not created to help its users, but to trick them into paying for fake services, and working for free by preventing them from cashing out the money they have worked so hard to earn.

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