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Fake-News - "Reggae Legend Buju Banton is DEAD After Committing Suicide inside US Prison"

Fake-News - "Reggae Legend Buju Banton is DEAD After Committing Suicide inside US Prison"

The article below: "Reggae Legend Buju Banton Is DEAD After Committing Suicide Inside US Prison," published on "," is another celebrity death hoax. The hoax or fake-news, which claims that Buju Banton (Mark Anthony Myrie), a Jamaican dancehall and reggae musician, killed himself in a US federal prison where he was serving his 10-year sentence for drug trafficking, is spreading on social media like wildfire. But, Buju Banton is alive and the Federal Bureau of Prisons still has him listed as an inmate.

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The website: is considered a threat because people are taking the fake articles that they have published as authentic news. This is why, whenever a dramatic or depressing story like the death of someone is posted on social media or networking websites, it is important that the same story be verified by a reputable news website before it is shared.

The Buju Banton Celebrity Death Hoax or Fake-News

Buju Banton - Mark Anthony Myrie

Mark Anthony Myrie , also known as Buju Banton, a Jamaican dancehall, reggae, and reggae musician. was found dead inside his cell of the US federal prison where he was serving his 10years sentence for drug trafficking.

Reports are that he was found hanging from a rope tied to the ceiling of his jail cell, security was quickly called but it was too as he was already dead.

The news about the death of the Buju Shocked people over the US to Jamaica.

In January 2017, also published a fake-news article claiming that the Jamaican musician had been released from prison in January 2017. But, Buju, who was sentenced to ten years in prison for his role in a cocaine deal, isn’t scheduled for release until December 2018.

This is Buju Banton second celebrity death hoax. The first was back in 2013, when a fake story broke out on social media claiming that the reggae superstar was stabbed to death during a fight in the Pinellas County Jail in Tampa, Florida.

Please remember that not everything that you read on the internet is true, and this is why it is important to check with reputable or popular news websites first, to verify the authenticity of news stories.

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