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Rip-off Work From Home Website ""

Rip-off Work From Home Website ""

The website "" claims that you can work from the comfort of your home and earn $200 per day, if you have a computer and internet connection. The website claims that it has a huge database of real companies looking to hire individuals wanting to work from home. It also states that you can make money by completing online surveys, buying and selling items on EBay.

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The Website -

Rip-off Website:

The website uses for their orders with the name "Online Jobs Premium Membership (50% Discount)". A lot of their customers have reported that they have sent refund request and didn't get a reply. They claim that they had to send the refund request to and received it after a few days.

The website is also blocked by the popular anti-virus software ESET, which states that was blocked because it is on the list of websites with potentially dangerous content.

ESET Blocking website

I did a malware and virus scan at but nothing was detected.

Here are a few reviews made by ex-users of at

I asked for help from them and received a sarcastic reply. Someone from 'corporate' called me to congratulate me on joining. After speaking with her I informed her that the program was not as advertised and that I wanted my fee money refunded. She directed me to 'legit support'. I went there and found the site is 'disabled' So it cost me $40.00 to learn another lesson. This is definitely another internet scam. I heard this advertised on 'Hannity' radio talk show and I am certainly going to let him know what he has been endorsing on his radio program. Scam, Scam and Scam.

I just wanted to warn people that I think this is somehow linked to I received an e-mail through them to purchase this scam. h About 4500 of us just found out affiliate-shares is another scam. This apparently is the second or third time these people have run their scams- they start them and then shut them down as soon as its time to pay people who were in it from the beginning. I have reported them to the FBI internet crime center. You want to check up on people and web sites- go to domaintools All sorts of info with phone no and adresses so we can all go after these scumbags!

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