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Websites - "" and "" will Steal Your Facebook Password

Websites - "" and "" will Steal Your Facebook Password

A lot of people have been receiving e-mail messages and Facebook posts, with a link to the phishing websites and These websites were created to look like Facebook pages or other websites, and will ask you to enter your Facebook username and password in order to view a photo, video or other things. If you enter your Facebook username and password, it will be sent to the cyber-criminals behind these websites.

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The name of the website will change, for example, it may change to "", "", "", "" and so on. The word "album" remains constant but the number changes.

Here is a message taken from one of the e-mails:

"go to and search 'had my name', then click on first photo. I bet you didn't remember that, eh?"

The album*.com websites are redirects that go to the following Facebook page:

  • .login.php-profile

This is where the phishing (the stealing of your information) takes place. The phishing website is not located at, but instead at the website:

Do not let the domain name or website address fool you. It was crafted to trick you into believing that you are on

For more information about carefully crafted malicious domain name or website address (domain hack), click here.

Please login to your Facebook account at all times by going directly to in your browser.

Open your web browser and type "" and press the "Enter" key or the click the "Go" button. This will always ensure that you are on and not some fake website impersonating Facebook, in an effort to steal your username and password.

If you are already logged into Facebook, click on a link and is redirected to another web page that asks you to login with your Facebook username and password, please DO NOT login. Once you are currently logged into Facebook, you should not be asked to login again unless you have logged out.

If you have logged into any of above websites with your Facebook username and password, please change your password immediately.

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