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Baby Andrei Needs Help - Facebook Page Donation Scam

Baby Andrei Needs Help - Facebook Page Donation Scam

The Facebook page, "Andrei Needs Help", is a fake. This page claims that Baby Andrei, the tiny Romanian baby boy born with twig-thin limbs, no intestines and was given just days to live, needs your help. The page further claims that persons can help by donating money to a bank account belonging to Baby Andrei Sirbu, located in Bucharest, Romania.

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The Baby Andrei Needs Help Fake Facebook Page Donation Scam

Baby Andrei Needs Help Fake Donation Facebook Page

BUCHAREST, Romania - Baby Andrei has confounded doctors just by being alive: The tiny boy with twig-thin limbs was given just days to live when he was born with almost no intestines - eight months ago.
Now there's hope for another miracle.

"He should have been dead by now, but he has another chance," Cirstoveanu said. "But he needs this operation soon. It is very urgent."


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This Facebook page is a scam because Baby Andrei died in May 2012, after clinging onto life for 9 months. Now, any money sent to the bank account listed on this bogus Facebook page, will only go to the scammers who created this page.

This scam is located on Facebook at: HelpBabyAndrei

I ask myself, how can someone try to profit from a baby's death, especially one who had suffered for 9 months. The photos of Baby Andrei's life, from birth to death, are very touching and had me crying for a few minutes.

It is cases like these that scammers love, because they know that there are a lot of caring persons around the world who would quickly donate money after looking at these photos of this sick baby boy.

Please do not help these heartless scammers get rich by sending them your money. So, before donating, do your research. Ensure that you are only donating to reputable organizations. These are organizations that you can trust, which will use your donation for what it is intended for.

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