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Beware of Google Docs or Drive Phishing Email Scams

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Beware of Google Docs or Drive Phishing Email Scams

Google and other online email account users should beware of the phishing email messages or posts like the ones below that were created by cyber criminals to steal their accounts' usernames, passwords, infect their computers with a virus, ransomware or other malware. Recipients of unexpected email messages or posts appearing as if they came from a legitimate organization, friend or family member asking them to view a document that was uploaded to Google Docs or Google Drive, are asked to delete the messages or posts. And, should not follow the instructions in them.

This is simply because this is another malicious attempt by cybercriminals and scammers to steal the recipients' Google, Hotmail, Outlook, MSN, Yahoo and AOL account information, so that they can gain access to them. With access to their victims' accounts, cyber criminals will hijack and use them fraudulently.

Google users who have already been tricked by the phishing scam are asked to change their password immediately before their accounts are hijacked and used fraudulently or maliciously.

A List of Google Docs or Google Drive Phishing Email Scams

Subject: Important meeting tomorrow
From: ramya ramya (
Sent: Mon 7/25/16 4:17 PM

Attachments: Agenda for next meeting.html (6.5 KB)

HI ,

I’ve attached a Draft_Agenda.pdf for our emergency meeting tomorrow, Please view it and let me know if any changes/additions are required.


--Forwarded Message Attachment--

Login your email address below to view the document.

Email Address
Email Password

Passwords are case sensitive


To access our online secured documents page,you are required to login your email address.

Unauthorized Access is prohibited.

From: Brian Harris
Date: Thursday, June 30, 2016


I've Shared a secure file Document attached with Google icon


Brian Harris
Private Group Communication Service
©2016 Google - Terms & Privacy

Subject: You have PDF docs to read

Please find attached document i uploaded through Google Doc Share Application.

for additional security Log in with your email account to view it.

View Document»

Important Doc.PDF


Payment info.PDF

View slide show (3)

Download all as zip


Subject: 16102015_Proposal_ Letter.pdf16102015_ Proposal_Letter.pdf

Hello, Please find the attached for your attention. I tried to upload and send earlier but got an error message “The file you are trying to send exceeds the 25MB attachment limit” So i had to send it using Google Drive.




Please find newly attached documents, I have uploaded via Google drive Box Files Share Application.



Subject: Important files

i tried sending you a document yesterday, but i am not sure you received it, i just attached it again for your review and comments. It is password protected, so you must sign in with your email address e-mail to view the files

Subject: Please relate to the document
I have tried to send you this documents but I don't know why it's not going through. It may be due to large file attached. I decided to send it via secured
Google Doc

Subject: Rick Mitchell shared "important/update.pdf" with you via Google Drive
Rick Mitchell used Google Drive to share a file with you!

Subject: document

I have shared a file with you via Google Docs App.

Find it below for your quick review and perusal.

Click DOWNLOAD ( to view shared document.

Google Docs

Welcome to Google Docs. Upload and Share Your Documents Securely Sign in with your email address to view or download attachment Access your documents secure...

View on

Preview by Yahoo




I uploaded this vital newsletter using my google doc. For immediate access CLICK HERE

Sign in with your email.

Please view the document i uploaded for you using Google docs, CLICK HERE and just sign in with your email to view the document its very important

Subject: RE Important Document
Here is the document i told you about,i sent it in a more secured way, CLICK HERE. and log in with your email for immediate access and more information.

Hello, Kindly click the link to view the document I uploaded for you using Google cloud drive. Just Sign in with your email to view the document, it is very important. Thank you, -- Rev. Dr. Karen Serving Humanity Spiritually

Subject: Document
Incoming Google drive document awaiting you

Please refer to the document I've shared with you using Google Drive App.


Recipients who have clicked on the link in the email message or post, will be taken to the following malicious web pages and ask to sign-in with their Google or other email accounts credentials:

  • google/google /index.php.htm
  • docc/googledrive/contactform.php

Note: cyber-criminals will use other website names, so look out for this same scam on other websites.

Fake Google Docs or Drive Login Pages

Google Docs Phishing Email

Google Docs Phishing Email

It appears that the website: was hacked and the malicious page "google/google/index.php.htm" was put there by the hackers to ask their potential victims to sign in with their Google email address and password. But, if potential victims enter their Google credentials on the fake Google page, it will be sent to the cybercriminals behind the scam.

Again, recipients of the same phishing scam who have already entered their Google username and password on the bogus web page that they were taken to, are asked to change their Google password immediately! There are different versions of the Google Docs or Drive phishing scam, so please be on the lookout for e-mail messages or posts asking to view documents in Google Docs or Google Drive.

Please share with us what you know or ask a question about this article by leaving a comment below. Also, check the comment section below for additional information, if there is any.

Remember to forward malicious or phishing email messages to us at the following email address:

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