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Fraudulent Credit Card Payment Processor Website - "www.promptlypayments.com"

Fraudulent Credit Card Payment Processor Website - "www.promptlypayments.com"

I do not recommend using this payment processing website www.promptlypayments.com. This is a very suspicious website that currently should not be trusted. If you are redirect to this website and asked to enter your credit card information, please do not.

Please continue reading below.

This is how the website www.promptlypayments.com looks

Fraudulent Credit Card Payment Processor Website: www.promptlypayments.com

The website location is:
Country: China
City: Beijing

The website has the following security verification logos at the bottom of the page that cannot be clicked on.

Website Security Verification Logos

You should be able to click on these logos, which will take you to the vendor's website to verify the authenticity of the website.

Also, although the website has the "McAfee Secure" logo, McAfee reported this website as "Potential Suspicious" and recommend taking care when visiting this website.

McAfee Secure www.promptlypayments.com

Click here for McAfee Secure information about www.promptlypayments.com.

This website name is only registered for one year.

Updated Date: 08-apr-2013
Expiration Date: 24-aug-2014

Legitimate websites do not register their domain names for a minimum of year, scammers usually do this. They do it because they know that they will be discovered soon, so it doesn't make sense registering the domain name for than a year.

Do not enter your personal or credit card information on this website www.promptlypayments.com.

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