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YoInsider Phishing Facebook Post

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YoInsider Phishing Facebook Post

The YoInsider Team has reported that hackers are currently sending fake YoInsider Facebook post to Facebook users. These phishing YoInsider Facebook posts will take you to a phishing website, in an attempt to access your account by stealing your user name and password.

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YoInsider is a Yoville fan site. Yoville is one of the many popular 2D virtual world games developed by Zynga where you can create and manage your own unique Yoville character and interact with people through social networks such as Facebook.

The web page is located at the following web page addresses: TheYoInsiderNetwork and

YoInsider has posted the following warning on their web site:

YoInsiders Fake Facebook Post Warning

Although, these fake YoInsider posts appeared as if they came from your friends, they were not sent by them. This is how cybercriminals behind this fake post try to trick persons into clicking on these malicious links.

If you are one of the many users who were tricked into clicking on a link in this phishing YoInsider Facebook post, please change your password right now.

Also, if you click on a link and ask to enter your user name and password, although you are currently signed in, you may have been taken to a phishing website.

Remember to leave your question or comment, and read the ones made by others below. And, please report malicious, phishing or scam email messages, social media posts and websites to us. You may click here to contact us, or forward the email messages to: .

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