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Beware of "I Saw Your Name in the Humanity and Poverty Eradication Program List" Scams

Beware of "I Saw Your Name in the Humanity and Poverty Eradication Program List" Scams

The email messages or posts below: "I Saw Your Name in the Humanity and Poverty Eradication Program List", is fraudulent and online users should not respond to it with their personal information. Every month, thousands of these email messages or social networking posts are sent by scammers, in an attempt to trick online users into sending them their personal information and money, thinking they will receive a so-called grant worth thousands of dollars. But, it is all a scam created by scammers to trick their potential victims into sending them money that they will claim is for fees, taxes or some form of charges. Once the scammers receive the money from their victims, they will disappear and leave their victims broke, frustrated and betrayed.

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Once again, online users should never send personal information to anyone in an email message, or send money to someone who contacted them via email message or on social networking websites.

The "I Saw Your Name in the Humanity and Poverty Eradication Program List" Scams

I saw your name in the humanity and poverty eradication program list,in order to eradicate poverty in the country.they give out $40,000 to anyi beneficiary.

At first i don't believe it,until i got $40,000 cash from them.i wonder if you have get your money yet because i saw your name on their program list when they brought my cash to my home, you are one of the lucky ones they have chosen as your name appears on the list.

email them on federalgovernment005 that you are ready to get your cash so that they can bring your money to you at your home is real not a scam many of my friends email them too and they got their money.

"I'm doing great and feeling excited! wondering whether you have heard about the good news?The Grant is from the office of the Federal Reserve in conjunction with IMF and UNICEF to serve as an economic aid to all member of the citizen, I got $90,000 delivered to me from them after i applied and paid them the charges of my winning. you can also apply too. I can send you the private text # of the online claiming Agent that help me with mine. She is a good and honest woman, If you dont mind 9163435027 Text her now that you will like to apply for the grant offer if you qualify"

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