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DHL Virus Shipment Invoice Email Message June 13, 2013

DHL Virus Shipment Invoice Email Message June 13, 2013

If you receive the DHL email message below, please do not open the attachment or follow any instructions in it. The attachment is a malware and will infect your computer if you open it. This email message was not sent by DHL, although the email appears as if it came from them. This is called email spoofing and is a technique used by hackers and scammers to alter an email message to make it appear as if it came from someone else.

The Malicious DHL Email Message


Dear Customer,

Please find attached your invoice in PDF format, dated 13/06/2013 for shipments and services supplied by DHL Express.

If you would like to download your invoice in a different format, click here to go to the DHL e-Billing website. You can also view your account details and on line invoice history here.

In the event of a problem with opening the attachment, please contact the e-Billing support team on 020 8831 5363 for assistance.

For all invoice content related queries, please contact 08442 480 777.

We look forward to receiving your payment in due course, and within the agreed credit terms as stated on your invoice.

We would like to thank you for using the services of DHL Express.

With kind regards,

The DHL e-Billing team

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The name of email message attachment is "AAA0000000.pdf". This name can change. The attachment is not a PDF file, but a ZIP file that contains a malicious executable file (LAM{_dhl}.exe) that will infect your computer if open.

DHL recommends not opening the emails if identified as being “from” DHL and one or more of the following is the case:

  • You have received an email without a tracking number and you are not doing business with DHL
  • The email has an attachment and you are not aware that you are doing business with DHL
  • The email instructs you to open an attachment for the tracking number

The recipient of a questionable email containing a tracking number can verify if a tracking number is valid by inserting the tracking number into the “Tracking Number” box. If there are no tracking results returned, it is not a valid tracking number and the email referencing the tracking number has not been sent by DHL.

Click here to verify a DHL tracking number

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  • Posted: Jul 28, 2013 by an anonymous user from: Marble Falls, Texas, United States

    Mine was a bit different. It seems like when I got something like this before it was supposed to be reported on a Federal web site. DOC? Don't remember. Would like that info if anyone has it, unless YOU report these.

    Thank you for using the DHL Online Billing service.

    Note the Terms of the contract stating you will pay electronically and not via a paper check with this billing option.
    If you have any issues/concerns with this invoice or wish to contact DHL, please read below for instructions.

    Your latest invoice:
    Invoice Date: 22/07/2013

    Customer Number: 967954035
    Invoice Number: G39434535

    Invoice Due Date: 27/07/2013
    Invoice Total: $16.33
    Total Airbills: 3

    If you have chosen to receive shipment level information with this invoice, it is included in the attachment sent with this message with full details.

    To pay your invoice(s) online, simply login to DHL ( and click on the "View Online Billing account" link; you can then select the invoice(s) you wish to pay on the "Open Invoices" page and press the "Schedule payment(s)" link to schedule your payment. You can have your invoice(s) automatically paid each month by selecting the " Autopay on invoice due date" in the "View my profile" link.

    Thank you for choosing DHL.

    Please do not reply to this email; it is used to send automated emails and is not monitored for responses. If you have questions, please contact DHL Customer Support at 1-800-722-0081. If you wish to communicate via email, please visit ( custserv/contactus.asp? nav=ContactUs).