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ANZ Phishing Email Scam - "We noticed unusual activity in your Anz Account"

ANZ Phishing Email Scam -  "We noticed unusual activity in your Anz Account"

The email message: "We noticed unusual activity in your Anz account", is a phishing scam and was not sent by the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ). Do not click on the link or follow the instructions in this email message, if you have received it. This is because it was designed to steal your user name and password.

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The Phishing ANZ Email Message

From: "Anz Bank" *
Subject: We noticed unusual activity in your Anz account
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2013 22:11:40 +0500

Dear Anz Card member,

Recently, there's been activity in your Anz account that seems unusual compared to your normal account activities. Please log in to Anz to confirm your identity and update your password.

To help protect your account, no one can send money or withdraw addition, no one can close your account, send refunds, remove any bank accounts, or remove credit cards.

We're concerned that someone is using your Anz account without your knowledge. Recent activity from your account seems to have occurred from a suspicious location or under circumstances that may be different than usual.

Log in to your Anz account as soon as possible. We may ask you to confirm information you provided when you created your account to make sure you're the account holder.

Log in using the following link:

hxxp://www.truemetrics .cn/

Let's work together to restore your account. After you complete all of the tasks, we should respond within 48 hours.

Thank you for using Anz!

Although the email appeared as if it came from, it was not. It was spoofed. Spoofing is the process of altering an email message to make it appear as if it came from someone else.

The scammers created the file name "" on the Chinese website "". So, this would make the link to this phishing web page: http://www.truemetrics .cn/ .

They did this to trick you into thinking the link goes to the ANZ website, which is located at website address But, clicking on the link will only take you to the Chinese website hxxp://, and not the legitimate website

The Phishing ANZ web page located hxxp://

ANZ Phishing website hxxp://

If you were tricked into entering your ANZ user name and password on this website, please change your password and contact ANZ as soon as possible.

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