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Beware of Phishing Facebook Website -

Beware of Phishing Facebook Website -

The website is a phishing or fake Facebook website. The website was designed to steal your Facebook user name and password, by taking you to a fake Facebook login page and asking you to sign in. If you asked to click on a link to this website to sign into your Facebook account, please do not.

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Phishing Facebook Website:

Phishing Facebook Website:

You may receive one of the messages below:

Hahaha Haha Haha Jackie i can not belieeve whaaat you did in thiss videeooooo it’s soooo embarrasing it’s all over face book!!! check it out at

HAHA Deuce i can not belieeve what you did in this videeooooo its sooo stupid it’s all over face book! check it out at www.

”HAHAHAHAHAHA Barbie i cannot belieeve whaaat you did in thisss videeoooo it’s soooo sad its all over face book! look at www.

hahahahaha Breanna i can not belieeve whaaat you did in this videeo it’s sooo stupiddd it’s all over facebook!!!! check it out @”

If you click on the message or the link in it, you will be taken to the website .login.useridza0yk24v. and ask to sign in.

If you try to sign into this fake Facebook website by entering your user name and password, it will be sent to the scammers behind this fake website. With your sign-in information, these people will be able to gain access to your Facebook account.

With access to your Facebook account, they may post spam and other malicious links to your friends. It may even get your Facebook account suspended.

If you were tricked into entering your Facebook sign-in information on this malicious website:, please change your password. Click here to change your Facebook password.

Also, always look at your web browser’s address bar to ensure that you are on, and not on some other fake websites.

IE Browser Address bar -

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