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Suspicious - GCI HYIP Investment Website

Suspicious - GCI HYIP Investment Website

The GCI HYIP investments website located at:, appears to be very suspicious. The website claims that your investment is guaranteed and you could receive 3000% to 9000% of your deposit after 24 hours. Now, this seems too good to be true; and when something seems too good to be true, it is usually a scam.

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This is what GCI HYIP promises (information taken from their website):


GCI HYIP - Guaranteed Investments - 3000%-9000% of your deposit after 24 hours is a short-term global investments offerring company, just launched in March 2010. We offer two types of plans for you to choose: 3000%-9000% of your deposit after 24 hours or 2000%-6000% of your deposit after 12 hours !

Payouts are sent 7 days a week, even on weekends! You don't need to go to banks or financial institutions to purchase the plans, cause we enable you to purchase it via Liberty Reserve payment system, online and instantly!

24 hours plan: 3000%-9000% of your deposit after 24 hours

Minimum deposit: $300, Maximum deposit: no limit

We pay 3000% - 9000% of your investment after 24 hours! The bigger amount you invest, the higher interest we pay every day!

The daily profit is solid, and paid to your Liberty Reserve accounts directly 7 days a week, even on weekends! All the payments due will be calculated and transfered to the LR account you deposit from, no withdrawal request required! And usually the payouts reach to your accounts within 24 hours, after your deposits are successfully made!

12 hours plan: 2000%-6000% after 12 hours

Minimum deposit: $5000, Maximum deposit: no limit

We pay 2000% - 6000% of your investment after 12 hours in just one payment!

After you make a deposit to this plan, you will be paid directly to your PM account when your investments mature.

Guaranteed Investments


This is how the website looks:


They use the "Perfect Money" website at perfectmoney .is to collect payments, which does not provide a refund facility, and the only way to contact them is via email.

Here is what one person said about this investment offering company:

"Do not invest with Gci HYIP advertised through Liberty Reserve websites. They are a scam organization. I deposited $500.00 with them and after I did, they said that I must pay an additional $2500 to activate my account. They would not return my money and now I have no recourse."

Currently, I do not recommend sending your money to or doing any form of investing with, GCI HYIP locate at website:

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