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Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 Email Lottery Scam

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 Email Lottery Scam

The "Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4" lottery email message below is a scam. Reputable companies like Samsung do not use free email address providers like "" for their promotions. This is because anyone can sign up for a free email account at this website and use it for malicious purposes.

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The "Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 " Email Lottery Scam

From: "Andrey Roce"
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2013 00:00:42 +0300
Subject: (bez temata)


Congratulations one more time. You are one of 20 random followers. You have won a brand new unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4. This is official promotion. Our lottery id:55678990 (registered in National Lottery Agency).to finish delivery process we need full your name, surname and address, and you should to choose color- black or white. We will use DHL express delivery services, and that means delivery will take 5 business days.

Andrey Roce
General Support Manager
Samsung Links Ltd.

From: "Andrey Roce"
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2013 02:20:17 +0300
Subject: Re: (bez temata)

We have official lottery ID: 55678990

Our company is officially registered, our registration code: 136373422256

And we use very safe delivery company- DHL. You dont need to worry about this!

Andrey Roce
General Support Manager
Samsung Links Ltd.

Congratulations! You just won Samsung Galaxy S4. Our official lottery get your gift write to:

The scam is also located on Twitter (@GalaxyS4Promo) at the following address:

Twitter Galaxy S4 Promo Scam

Twiiter Galaxy S4 Promo Scam

This person, who claims to be the General Support Manager, has the website in the signature of the email, but yet the email was sent from the free email provider “”.

Adding the word "samsung" to the email address "", is another trick by these scammers, to have you believe the email is legitimate. But, as I have said before, anyone can create these free email accounts at .
Do not be fooled by persons claiming that they have a registration codes and lottery IDs, if there is nowhere for you to go and verify these codes and IDs.

Never send your personal information, credit card information, or money to anyone who requests it via email message.

If you are asked to send money via Western Union, please be careful. This is the first sign that someone is trying to scam you.

Also, if Samsung is doing a promotion, it should be on their website (, where you can go and view it.

For a list of legitimate Samsung promotions in your country or area, please go to their promotions web page at

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