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Hotmail Reset Confirmation 2014 - Phishing Email Scam

Hotmail Reset Confirmation 2014 - Phishing Email Scam

The email message below: "Attempts have been made to access your email in a suspicious manner." is a fake. The email message was not sent by Microsoft and is a phishing scam designed to steal your Microsoft Hotmail, Live or Outlook user name and password. So, do not click on the link or follow the instructions in the email message.

The Hotmail Phishing Scam Email Message

From: HOTMAIL CUSTOMER CARE <kooiman0847>
Date: January 13, 2014 at 23:16:45 GMT+7

Dear User,

Attempts have been made to access your email in a suspicious manner. To prevent shutdown of your email for security reasons, click Show content on the yellow header in this message and click below to sign in your email from your home or work computer. After you sign in, your email will be verified and security will be upgraded.

Click here
Microsoft Team


The link in this email message will take you to the fake Microsoft Hotmail website below if you click the links within it:
hxxp:// .za/includes/Sigina.html

Hotmail Phishing Website .za

If you enter your Hotmail user name and password on this phishing website, it will be sent to the cybercriminals behind this scam, via the website below:
hxxp://www.formbuddy .com/cgi-bin/

If you were tricked into entering your user name and password on the fake website, please change your password immediately.

Remember to leave your comment and read the ones made by others below. And, please report malicious, phishing or scam email messages, social media posts and websites to us. You may click here to contact us, or forward the email messages to:

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  • Posted: 4 months, 1 week ago by an anonymous user from: Australia

    This problem is back, as now Microsoft are trying to move people over to the new outlook and 'one Microsoft' concept for all accounts similar to google.

    This time the hackers don't even send email, they seem to be creating pages which are not Microsoft, but look like the image above. User logs in and can't resets password, receive a code to mobile phone.

    User goes back to login and cant so keeps trying and then tries to send the SMS to phone, but the page doesn't allow it as the hacker has changed the phone number.

    Hotmail support said the email account had been compromised by someone in Mexico!!! No in my country!

    Cheers and beware.

  • Posted: 9 months, 2 weeks ago by an anonymous user from: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

    I have got one right now stating I have a virus in my files. Everything else conceptually is the same. Who can I send it to for handling?


    • Posted: 9 months, 2 weeks ago by info

      Just delete the email. You can help others by sharing this article with them.

  • Posted: Nov 26, 2014 by an anonymous user from: Solihull, Solihull, United Kingdom

    I can't log into my hotmail account and can't change password.

  • Posted: Oct 25, 2014 by an anonymous user from: Gateshead, Gateshead, United Kingdom

    I had a telephone call stating that my Hotmail account has been used by foreign countries. I was asked to go to my computer and follow their instructions in order to stop this happening.

    When I refused to do this I was told that my computer would be closed down and locked so that I could not use it. I have not used my Hotmail email account for a long time and have forgotten my email address and password.

    • Posted: Oct 26, 2014 by info

      This is one of the many telephone scams, that cyber-criminals are using to trick their potential victims into stealing their usernames, passwords, money, credit card and other sensitive information.

      Microsoft, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Google and other online giants will never call you and ask you to install software, visit a website or instruct you to do something on your computer. If you receive calls like those, please take down the telephone number and report it to your telephone service provider and the police.

      • Posted: Mar 26, 2015 by an anonymous user from: Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia

        This phone no : 447781470659 that came from fake Hotmail email.

  • Posted: Sep 15, 2014 by an anonymous user from: United Kingdom

    Here is another phishing email scam:

    Dear Customer,

    *Your account has exceeded its storage limit as set by our Administrator, and you might not be able to receive new emails until you Re-Validate your account to avoid deactivation and irregular received of message. Please click on the link below to Re-Validate your account. SIGN IN

    Windows Live ID Customer Support.
    Copyright 2014 Inc.
    All rights reserved. Terms of Service,

  • Posted: May 9, 2014 by an anonymous user from: Elyria, Ohio, United States

    This is what I received.....

    Dear Account Owner.


    We have recently confirmed that different computers have logged onto your Hotmail account and multiple password errors have been entered. We are hereby suspending your account; as it has been used for fraudulent purposes.. Now we need you to reconfirm your account information to us. Click your reply tab, fill in the columns below and send it back to us or your email account will be suspended permanently.

    User Name:.......
    Reconfirm Password:....
    Date of Birth:.........

    Verifying your email address ensures that you can securely retrieve your account information if your password is lost or stolen. You MUST verify your email address before you can use Microsoft on services that require an email address. For your security, please keep your email address information up-to-date. If this information changes, you can always update it by signing to your Microsoft! account and changing it from the "My Account" option.

    Warning!!! Any account owner that refuses to update his or her account after three days of receiving this warning will lose his or her account permanently.

    Thank you for using Microsoft.

  • Posted: Mar 11, 2014 by info

    Here is another phishing scam:

    Upgrade Your Outlook Web Access (OWA).
    From: Microsoft account team
    Microsoft account
    upgrade your email account
    To finish setting up this Microsoft account, we just need to make sure you did not loose any messages from your Microsoft Web Access.
    Upgrade your email
    If the upgrade link did not work click link below, click here to proceed.

    The Microsoft account team

  • Posted: Jan 15, 2014 by an anonymous user from: Ashburn, Virginia, United States

    Thanks to the ONLINE THREAT ALERTS for their efforts to uncover the plans of the fraudulent websites. Keep it up.