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Work-From-Home Scams - "Google Pays Me Per Hour and Earning Per Month"

Work-From-Home Scams - "Google Pays Me Per Hour and Earning Per Month"

There are fake Google "Work-from-Home" advertisements claiming that you can work anywhere from $129 to $173 per hour. These advertisements are not associated with nor endorsed by Google. The fake advertisements will take you to bogus work-from-home websites.

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A List of the Google Pays Me per Hour/Month Work-From-Home Scams

Google Pays Me per Hour/Month Work-From-Home Advertisement Scams Google Pays Me per $160 Hour

  • "Google pays me $160 per hour", Google has blessed me with an opportunity to work from home earning $15,000 per month
  • "Google pays me $129 per hour"
  • "Google blessed me with a $4900 a month income!"
  • "Google pay me $173 an hour"
  • "Google pays me $127 in an hour"
  • “Google pays me $76 an Hour”
  • “Google has blessed me with a $7,300 job at home”
  • "Google Pays Me $67 an Hour"
  • "Google pays me $150/Hour"

Clicking on any of these advertisements will take you to a fake work-from-home website:

Work-From-Home Scam  website

This is where the scammers ask you for appear even more legitimate, a short clip of a CNBC video, about a mother who successfully started working from home, is placed on this website.

Do not click on the advertisements, order anything from these websites, or submit your personal information to them. There are a lot of fake work-from-home programs on the internet, so keep your eyes peeled.

For a list of other fake work-from-home scams, please click here.

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