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Daily Cash Glitch Software Application Get Rich Quick Scams

Daily Cash Glitch Software Application Get Rich Quick Scams

The "Daily Cash Glitch" software application that is being advertised on the internet is a scam. Scammers have created several websites with different names, to trick persons into buying this fake software application that they claim will help them make a large sum of money within a short space of time. But, do not be fooled by this get-rich-quick scheme, because only the scammers will benefit from it.

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Some of the "Daily Cash Glitch Get Rich Quick" Scams

"How You Can Siphon $336, $528, Even $1208 Into Your Bank Account With Little Or NO Effort Every Day Like Clockwork… Even If You've FAILED In The Past & Have No Experience Or Talent!"

"I Made $1,356,228.32 From The Comfort Of My Wheelchair… How $12 Can Turn You In To A Bitcoin Millionaire.introducing 'Bitcoin Millionaire': The Worlds First & Only Bitcoin Mining & Automated Trading Software"

Some of the "Daily Cash Glitch" Get Rich Quick Scamming Websites

  • hxxp://
  • hxxp://
  • hxxp://

These websites are only registered for one year, which is the minimum registration period for a domain or website name. Scammers usually register their website or domain names for this minimum period, because they know that their fraudulent websites will be discovered and closed down soon.

Here are some comments from a few users on the Web of Trust website (

  • "Daily Cash Glitch is another of the allegedly "Free" Forex bots that have been popping up like crazy. They really require that you sign up with a certain Foreign exchange brokerage in order for the trading software to function. Basically they are not truly cost-free at all."
  • "It's easy to see this is a Scam "Rich Quick Scam" set up in order to deceive you. Everything on this site is fake, including any "Users or Social Media site comments."
  • "Sites similar and like this one promote a known Scam as "The Secret Wealth Formula", an alleged Work-From Home Business product. They are trying to make it sound and look reliable, and abusing the trust people usually have for real sites."
  • "These scammers are only after your Identity and credit card information so that they could keep charging it until the sun explodes."
  • "Always remember the basic rules about Scammers/Spammers: Scammers/Spammers always lie. If a Scammers/spammer says they aren't lying, see rule 1."
  • "Scam websites operating out of 'Israel':

Whatever you do, please do not purchase this fake Get-Rich-Quick software application or service. Think about it, if it was this easy to make money, why are these persons selling it to you, instead of using it themselves to make money.

Most scammers will answer my question by stating that they want to help others make money, but if that is the case, give the software away for free, instead of selling it.

If their software application can make so much money in such a short time, these people should be millionaires by now, so no need to sell this software. I hope you get the point that I am trying to make.

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