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Beware of Motor Vehicle Insurance or Policy Scams

Beware of Motor Vehicle Insurance or Policy Scams

Motorists are being targeted by ruthless fraudsters offering them a savings of a life time on car insurance or policy. These fraudsters will call you over the phone or visit you in person posing as legitimate insurance brands who can cut insurance costs at an attractive price.

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What these criminals will do is to create false documents for you making them appear as if they are genuine insurance policy documents. They also use the information you provide them with about your vehicle and take out a genuine policy on behalf of you and arrange for the certificate of insurance to be sent to their firm after which the document is sent to you.

A third trick that these scammers will do is to take out a genuine policy for you and when filing out the necessary documents they falsify your information.

For example, in order to benefit from a low premium rate you are made to appear older than you actually are. In these cases there is a genuine insurance policy in place but they are not valid because they were obtained illegally. After the policy is taken out, they will be canceled by these scammers without your knowledge and you still believing you have a genuine certificate in your possession but the truth is your cars aren’t covered by any insurance.

You are usually asked to pay for these policies in cash, bank transfers, or to make the scheme appear more legit you can be asked to pay by installments. After payment your money will be taken and you’re left with fraudulent documents.

Victims of this scam usually find out they have no car insurance when they have been asked by police for insurance, or when they have gone to tax their some cases, they have found out only when they tried to renew through a legitimate source.

Motorists who have these fraudulent car insurance certificate or policy in their possessions they risk having a criminal record. Driving a vehicle without insurance, or allowing your vehicle to be used by another driver without cover, is a serious motoring offence.

Ways to check if you have a genuine insurance policy:

  • Look at the insurer named on your policy and call them on a number that was published publicly. Ask the company questions relating to your policy to ensure the company has the correct details for you and your vehicle. You may ask for the policy documents and confirmation of a payment plan, if applicable.
  • Log onto the website to check if your vehicle is registered. This is a database of valid insurance policies and you should be listed if you own a genuine policy.
  • Never do business with individuals who demands payments up front in cash. Most reputable brokers will accept credit card payments.

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