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Hoax - Drinking Household Bleach Will Make You Immune to the Deadly Ebola Virus

Hoax - Drinking Household Bleach Will Make You Immune to the Deadly Ebola Virus

Drinking BLEACH WILL NOT make you immune to the Ebola virus or kill the deadly virus in your body. There is a post on social networking websites that is claiming that people can become immune to the Ebola virus or the virus can be killed in infected persons, if they ingest household bleach or inject it into their bodies. The post, which is a deadly hoax, is spreading on the internet like wildfire; and I hope no one has followed the deadly instruction in it.

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Here is the Hoax: Drinking Bleach Cures Ebola

Ebola and Bleach hoax
The Ebola virus has been spreading fast around the world, with over 7 billion confirmed dead in Africa alone. Worried? Cases have now been found in the USA.

Concerned? You should be. Luckily, This is a simple guide on how to become immune to the deadly Ebola virus using only household items!

Bleach is a strong disinfectant, but it totally harmless to us humans, and thats why we use it to clean our home. By either injecting a dose of bleach (20ml) into your bloodstream, or taking 200ml orally, you can clear yourself out of ALL ebola in your system, and prevent any more getting in! Its the one secret Big Pharma DOESN’T want you to know!

Injecting domestic bleach into your body will kill you or drinking 200ml of it will cause serious damage to your organs or may even kill you. If you drink 200 ml of bleach or more, then there is no way your stomach acid can neutralize that amount of alkali.

Although bleach is used to kill bacteria, viruses, and is used to treat water for drinking, it should never be consumed directly because it won't do the same thing inside of your body. I have seen people destroyed their kidneys after drinking bleach, and are now living on dialysis machines.

Here is a guide for treating water for drinking purposes

The chart below shows you the amount of bleach to add to a certain amount of water, when you are treating the water for drinking purposes only.

  • 1 quart bottle = 4 drops of bleach
  • 2 liter bottle = 10 drops of bleach
  • 1 gallon jug = 16 drops (½ ml) of bleach
  • 2 gallon cooler = ¼ teaspoon (1 ml) of bleach
  • 5 gallon bottle = ½ teaspoon (2.5ml) of bleach

If a social networking post, email, text message or other forms of message like the hoax above is sent to you, please do your research first before following the instructions in the message. Please consult with your family, friends, co-workers or your heath professionals and ask them for information about the message.

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