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Beware of CatPhishing or CatFishing - an Online Dating, Love or Romance Scam

Beware of CatPhishing or CatFishing - an Online Dating, Love or Romance Scam

Fraudsters, scammers or cyber-criminals are using new creative ways of deceiving lonely persons who use online dating websites in the hope of finding long lasting love. This act is known as CatPhishing or CatFishing, a dating or romance scam where persons perpetrate themselves as someone they are not on an online dating or social media website, in order to gain access to personal and banking information from their "online love".

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What these scammers will do is, create fake online accounts on dating websites or social media where they prey on your emotional side expressing their love to you in a very somewhat short time as a means of building your trust and gaining your interests. They also appeal to your compassionate side by sharing personal information, stories and even send you gifts by making you feel loved.

Once these scammers have earned your trust they will ask you for large sums of cash, gifts or your banking and credit card information. They will express their need for a number of reasons. Some of these false claims to victims are that they are facing financial problems or they have a close relative who is not feeling well and is in the hospital. These scammers will push on your emotional side and ask you to send money to assist with medical bills. They will also make arrangements of romantic travel visits to you in an attempt to have you pay for their plane tickets but will never show.

How to spot warning signs and safeguard against being a victim of dating scams:

  • You may do a Google search on profile pictures of the person you are communicating with if you somewhat believe you are being tricked. Verify that the person they say they are is ture.
  • The person is always calling and asking you for money.
  • Never send your money to someone that asks you to pay money through money orders, wire transfer or international funds transfer for any reason given.
  • Never trust a complete stranger with whom you have never had face-to-face contact with your personal or banking information.

If you are a victim of CatPhishing or CatFishing dating scams, please contact your local authority. Also if somewhat believe you have shared your banking information to a fraudster, contact your bank or financial institution immediately. Also share this with your friends and family so they are aware of this scam.

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