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Pet Lovers Beware of Internet Puppy Scams

Pet Lovers Beware of Internet Puppy Scams

Are you a pet lover looking for the perfect pure-bred puppy to purchase? If so be aware as scammers are posting adverts of cute and adorable puppies in the newspapers and online classifieds with the intention of getting you to buy these dogs that are non-existent. Some even create fake websites, often using a stolen credit card, to make you believe they are successful business owners.

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They trick you by telling you that these dogs are for free or you can purchase them at very low prices which seem too good to be true. They also tell you of stories where a puppy needs a home and all you have to do is to help the poor little puppy and give it a home.

Just like any other scams they prey on your heart by promising you the delivery of your puppy once you have paid all the necessary fees. They trick you into paying for transport, customs and medical costs before the dog can be delivered. The seller will ask you to send the money to a money wiring service such as Western Union or Money Gram.

When you have sent payment for your promised puppy in the hope of enjoying your new friend, both your money and puppy will be gone forever. If you try contacting the seller to ask about your puppy’s delivery status they will not answer or will send emails which show evidence of misspelled words and poor grammar telling you a problem has occurred upon delivery. Don’t be victims of these scams and be tricked by these scammers.

How to protect and avoid these types of scams:

  • Look out for grammatical errors and misspellings within adverts. Most scammers don’t have a high level of understanding for the English language.
  • If you’re being asked to wire transfer money through Western Union or Money Gram for payment your being advised not to send it. You will be giving your money away.
  • People promising you your puppy within 24 hours is not true. Before your puppy can be able to travel they have to be at least eight weeks old, making it unlikely a buyer could get a pure-bred with such a quick turnaround time.
  • Research adverts you see online to verify legitimacy of ads. Many well-known scams can be found this way.
  • Beware of anyone offering ridiculously discounted prices, especially if they won’t speak with you on the phone. Confirm a breeder’s name, phone number and address.

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