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Fake-News - Obama Files Federal Charges Against Darren Wilson Following Grand Jury Decision

Fake-News - Obama Files Federal Charges Against Darren Wilson Following Grand Jury Decision

News have been flooding the internet that the President of the United States, Obama, has filed federal civil charges against officer Darren Wilson, the policeman involved in the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. It was said that after the grand jury failed to bring justice against the white officer who shot an unarmed black teenager in murky circumstances had led to the President’s decision.

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This rumor was released in an article on the National Report website. However this story is nothing but false as there has been no developing news that President Obama made such act towards Darren Wilson.

He article describes the President’s alleged decision as the "boldest overreach" of executive power in American history.

The website went ahead by quoting the President as saying:

"I have done what the Missouri judicial system and even my own Justice Department failed to do in order to right this wrong," said Obama, shortly after St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch announced the grand jury's decision.

McCulloch made a 25-minute statement debunking several exaggerated social media accounts of last August's incident, while defending the use of deadly force by police, appealing for calm and taking questions from a small group of local media.”

If such federal civil right charges were to be brought against officer Darren Wilson for killing 18 years old Michael Brown, the DoJ (Department of Justice) would be the ones to press charges and not President Obama. The DoJ would need to investigate if the “popular case” would meet the legal threshold for a successful prosecution.

The truth is the Justice Department will continue to pursue two investigations, one into potential civil rights violations by Officer Wilson when he shot dead 18-year-old unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and one into the practices of the Ferguson Police force.

National Report is a fake news website that publishes fictional articles often deliberately aimed at deceiving readers into sharing the articles as genuine news to catch the attention of mainstream media. National Report articles should not be considered genuine news.

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