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Beware of Fake and Spamming Binary Trading Software Website

Beware of Fake and Spamming Binary Trading Software Website

The website:, is a scam. If you are taken to it, please do not follow the instructions on it or send them your email address. After subscribing to their program by sending my email address, I kept getting spam every day with email messages (see below) attempting to trick me into sending my email address in order to use their so-called income generating software.

Please continue reading below.

The website claims that they have created a binary trading software that you can use to make thousands of dollars. The narrator of the video said that he was able to hack the binary code with his Russian hacker and have already make more than half a million dollars already.

But, this is a only a trick to convince his victims to send their email addresses. He claim that he wants your email address in order to send you instructions, but why not put the information on the website for all to see since it is free. Now, do you see how clever these scammers are.

Bogus Email Messages Received

Subject: Greetings - your funds are in route (immediate action required)‏

From aojvs @ on behalf of Harry L (harry.lucas14 @

SentSun 11/09/14 11:55 AM

This is is an automatic notification that funds in the amount of $11,392.28 have been wired into your checking account.

Check Your Balance Here:


Please confirm acceptance of the funds so we can release them for your use.

We have verified the identity of the sender as a trusted money software program called “Wealth Organization”.

Verify Your Account:


WARNING - if you do NOT claim these funds int the next 24 hours, we will be forced to return the funds back to

the sender.

Thank you,


Jim's "trick" created 7 new millionaires‏

From: aojvs on behalf of Andrew. J (Andrew.Jones14 Microsoft SmartScreen

Sent:Sun 11/09/14 11:24 AM

My buddy Jim showed me this simple trick using his brand-new money system…

…that banked 7 of his students over $80K each last week.

Total earnings for these rockstars exceeded 7-figures in less than 8 months.

See How Here:


It’s called Cash Software and it’s the easiest

(and fastest) way to join the millionaires club.

Check it out for yourself:


Thank me later,


The 100k per month question (SHOCKING answer inside)‏

From: aojvs @ on behalf of Thomas (cashforcodes

Do you believe you can make $100K per month on auto-pilot?

Well, to be honest, it doesn't matter what you believe.

I've done it and can tell you point-blank that WealthOrganization is the TRUTH.

There's only (1) more VIP license available.

Scoop it up here:


(HURRY as this license will be granted to the FIRST person who clicks the link)

Thank me later,



From:aojvs @ on behalf of Thomas (cashforcodes


Are you tired of losing all the time with

Binary Options??

You Need To Check This Out:


My buddy Josh hacked the system and now it forces you to WIN…


I made $3,245 today from this.

I WON every single trade.

Try It Yourself Here:


Get in QUICK before he closes this

off to the public.


Have you been the victim of a scam? You might be owed $10,000

If you've fallen victim of a scam...

ESPECIALLY a "binary options" trading scam...

You may be owed $10,000 cash or more.

Click below to see how you can get your $10,000 reward:


Please claim this money in the next 24 hours.

**NOTE: You may claim this bonus even if you have not paid money to a scammer.

This is for anyone who has been sent a scam email, especially a "binary options" scam email.

You're receiving this email because you have likely received one of these emails in the past.

Go here to claim your compensation:


The website is similar to

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