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"" is a Fake-News Website - Do Not Believe Anything Reported By It

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"" is a Fake-News Website - Do Not Believe Anything Reported By It

The website "" is a fake-news website. Everything on this website is fiction, fake-news, and any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental. Even their disclaimer states that the website’s content is fake or fiction. So, any article or news reported by the website should not be taken seriously.

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The Fake-News Website: ""

The website

Fake Stories Reported by the Bogus Website

  • After Nearly 18 Years, Tupac Shakur Now 43, Comes Out Of Hiding!
  • AriZona Tea Exposed By FDA For Using Human Urine In Products; Will Be Taken Off Shelves
  • Creator of “Flappy Bird” Commits Suicide 7 Others Also Suicide This Morning Due To Flappy Bird
  • Rapper Drake Suffers Emotional Damage Because Of Facebook Page And Files Lawsuit
  • McDonalds Exposed For Using Human Meat! (Must Watch Video)
  • Teen Arrested For Killing Brother Over ‘Flappy Bird’ Game
  • 59 People Die of Marijuana Overdose in Colorado and Washington After Legalization
  • NBA future Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant Retires and Starts Beef With Michael Jordan
  • LOS ANGELES - Singer Stevie Wonder has agreed to Box George Zimmerman in celebrity Boxing match. After Zimmerman was acquitted of Second-Degree murder for shooting and killing
  • Rick Ross in Critical Condition After “Overdosing on Food”
  • Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks High off Marijuana During Super Bowl
  • Justin Bieber Escapes Jail After Being Arrested for DUI and Illegal Racing
  • Even the website’s disclaimer states that it is a fake.

The website is considered a threat because some persons are taking the articles that they have published as authentic news. The website is also similar to the fake news website

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