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Fake Miley Cyrus News, YouTube and Survey Scamming Website -

Fake Miley Cyrus News, YouTube and Survey Scamming Website -

The website: "" is a fake Miley Cyrus news and YouTube website. The website was designed to trick social networking users into sharing it by "tweeting" it via popular social networking website It also attempts to trick users into completing surveys, which the cyber-criminals behind it will benefit from. So, do not be fooled into completing the surveys or tweeting the website.

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The Fake Miley Cyrus Website

The Fake Miley Cyrus News, YouTube and Survey Scamming Website -
Python Eats Man Alive in India [Caught On Tape]
Python swallowed the man drunk living in India

A drunk man is eaten alive by a python in India! While walking down the street, this python came out from the sewers and swallowed him whole.

This fake website will ask you to unlock the video before you can view it, by asking you to share it by tweeting it on popular social networking website

The Fake Miley Cyrus News, YouTube and Survey Scamming Website -
To start the video, please tweet it below.

But, this is a trick used to make you share this fake website so it can become popular. There are no videos on this website and the image of the snake on the website, which looks like a YouTube video, was taken from popular video sharing website, so if you want to watch it, you may click here.

Also, this fake website will ask you to complete surveys in order for you to be granted access to all videos. But, this also is a trick to get you to complete the surveys that the cybercriminals behind this scam will get paid for.

So, if you are asked to share, tweet, “like”, comment on, or take surveys in order to view a video or any other content, it is the first sign that you are being tricked or scammed.

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