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New York Online Lottery Promotion Winning Confirmation and Payment Claim Scam

New York Online Lottery Promotion Winning Confirmation and Payment Claim Scam

The email message below that appears as if it came from the New York Online Lottery, which claims the recipients are winners of thousands of dollars, is a lottery scam. The email message should not be responded to, especially with personal or financial information. Every month, thousands of these email messages are sent out by scammers to trick their potential victims into stealing their personal information and sending money for fake lottery draws or sweepstakes prizes. Remember, never send your personal information to anyone in an email message or send money to someone who contacted you via email message.

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Recipients of email messages claiming that they are winners of the New York Lottery, should contact the New York Lottery to verify the authenticity of the email messages. Recipients can either contact the New York Lottery on their website or Facebook page.

Their website is located at:

And, Facebook page at:

The New York Lottery Scam

New York Online Lottery Promotions
Ref: EAASL/9410YI/02/SHYN Batch: 12/25/0034
File SAPC/9080144308/05. Tel +(27) -789-898-024

Winning Confirmation & Payment Claim Instruction


I write to acknowledge the receipt of your information. The authenticity of your winning prize amount of (USD$810,000.00) Eight Hundred and Ten Thousand United States Dollars) has been confirmed by this office. Therefore you are in line for payment number: 48.
Note that your winning prize money was deposited with First National Bank, South Africa (FNB).into the Escrowed Non- Resident Bank Account Number (903-3380-1139-1) under Foreign Remittance Department of FNB Bank.

Your total winning prize money was insured on your name to its total value for your payment to be made in full. Therefore, it has been restricted from being tax or fee deductible.
After validation of your information, we forwarded your claim file with your payment Insurance Certificate on your name to our paying bank for processing and payment of your winning prize immediately you contact the person in charge of your payment.

Contact details are below:-
Contact Person at FNB: Dr. Bogani Tutu Email: Direct Office landline: +27-78-244-8321 / +27-11-327 6359 Fax: +27-866-165- 848
Contact the above mentioned payment officer through email. YOUR PAYMENT NUMBER IS 48. Always keep your winning confidential until your prize money is successfully transferred to you. This is for security reasons to avoid double claim from the third parties you disclosed to as the case may be. Any double claim received on one winning numbers may lead to cancellation.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further assistance. And also inform me immediately your money is transferred to your bank account to enable us update our records.

Mr. Bin Abin

Claim Agent
New York Online Lottery Promotions

New York Lottery Scam

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