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Missouri Couple Cindy and Mark Hill Donation Scam

Missouri Couple Cindy and Mark Hill Donation Scam

The email message below, which claims that the Missouri couple Cindy and Mark Hill, who took home $136.5 million after winning a Powerball lottery jackpot, is voluntarily donating a sum of $950,000.00 to the recipients as part of a donation project to improve the lives of five lucky individuals around the world, is a scam. The email message was not sent by the Missouri couple. The email was instead, sent by cyber-scammers, who will attempt to trick their potential victims into sending money in order to receive their winnings.

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The Fraudulent Email Message

Hello Friend,

I saw your email address during the course of my research today. This is a personal email directed to you and i Hope you get this one. I am Mrs Cindy Hill from Missouri, my husband and i won in a Power ball jackpot Lottery in November 2012 and i voluntarily decided to donate the sum of $950,000.00 dollars as a part of my own donation project to improve the lot of five lucky individuals all over the world.

You was a lucky recipient and all you have to do if you get this email is to get back to me so that i can send your details on how to receive the money.

Note that you have to contact my private email for more informations (mrs_cindy41@yahoo .ie). You can verify this by visiting the web pages below.

If you have received the same email message, please delete it. Do not respond to the email message with your personal information or send you hard earned money.

The first sign or indication that someone is attempting to scam is when you are asked to send money in order to collect your prize.

Last year, scammers sent emails, which appear as if they came from Tom Crist, the Canadian CEO Who Won 40 Million, to trick the recipients into sending money, by claiming that Tom Crist is giving around 1.2 million.

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