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Beware of Fake Nepal Earthquake Disaster Charities

Beware of Fake Nepal Earthquake Disaster Charities

Scammers are currently taking advantage of the deadly Nepal Earthquake that occurred on April 25, 2015 that have so far killed more than 5000 people, by sending out bogus email messages, creating fake websites and social media pages, claiming to represent legitimate charity organizations or celebrities asking for donations. These scammers know that after a disaster, people will generously make donations to help the persons who are affected. So, they send out e-mail messages and make posts on social networking websites asking for donations for the fraudulent charitable organizations that they have created overnight.

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Look out for bogus Facebook, Twitter and other social networking posts that may ask you to click or go to a particular website in order to help the people of Nepal.

Be careful when sending your money; you want to help the victims and not to make the scammers rich by taking advantage of this tragedy.

Here is a list of legitimate charitable organizations that you can make your donations to:

Also, if you have received e-mail messages claiming to have links to news websites, photos or videos of the Nepal earthquake, please do not click on those links. Cyber-criminals are using fake e-mails as bait, to trick persons into clicking on them so they can be taken to a malicious website that will infect their computers with malware.

If you want information about the Nepal earthquake, please go to a popular news website that you know or familiar with and read the news, view pictures or photos from there instead.

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