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Scam - "Activate WhatsApp Video Calling, Activate it from"

Scam - "Activate WhatsApp Video Calling, Activate it from"

If you have received the following message: "Hey, iam inviting you to activate ๐Ÿ“ž WhatsApp Video Calling (โœ”).. Activate it from โžก," please do not click on it or follow the instructions that came with the message. The message was not sent by WhatsApp. It was instead sent by cyber-criminals, who are attempting to trick WhatsApp users into visiting the fake WhatsApp website: "".

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On the website, they will be asked to submit their telephone numbers and invite their friends to share the same scam, by claiming that by doing so, they will get the new “WhatsApp Video Calling” feature.

Currently, there is no “WhatsApp Video Calling.” Once “WhatsApp Video Calling” is available, WhatsApp will automatically or will prompt you to update itself, so please delete any message that you have received claiming that you can receive or activate that feature.

How the Scam Works

The scam will take WhatsApp users to the following fake WhatsApp website: “”, which will ask them to enter their telephone numbers and share the same scam with their friends, which will only help spread it to thousands of WhatsApp users.

The Fake WhatsApp Website scam

What is “WhatsApp Video Calling?”

“WhatsApp Video Calling” is a new feature that almost every WhatsApp users are eagerly anticipating to try, which will allow them to make video calls to each other over the internet for free. This will be sometime similar to what Skype, Tango, ooVoo and Facebook currently offer.

So, this is the reason why cyber-criminals have started sending out the fake “WhatsApp Video Calling” invitational messages, because they know that WhatsApp users are anxiously waiting for the new feature, and will quickly click on a link or follow instructions in a message in order to try out the new feature.

Now, in order not to become a victim of the “WhatsApp Video Calling” scam, please ensure that any link that you click on in a WhatsApp invitational message goes to, or just wait until WhatsApp officially releases the new feature.

This scam is similar to the following:

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